More than an academic program, the International Ph.D Program in Quantum Materials connects students with the infrastructure, mentorship, and training opportunities at the University of British Columbia/Canada, the Max Planck Institute of Solid State Research and the University of Stuttgart/Germany to answer big research questions and find future success.

International Ph.D Program in Quantum Materials
Learn from leaders in quantum materials research in this collaborative Ph.D program from the University of British Columbia and the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, our partners at the University of Stuttgart and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany.

Two countries, one incredible education
The International Ph.D Program in Quantum Materials (Joint-Ph.D) is an exciting academic program connecting the   Steward Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) at the University of British Columbia and the University of Stuttgart, with participation from the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany. The program offers unparalleled opportunities to study in the fields of quantum materials and quantum materials-based devices, and its highly collaborative nature exposes graduate student scientists to a wide variety of experimental and theoretical techniques and materials systems beyond their immediate research projects and will empower students to contribute to a rapidly evolving research frontier.

Who should apply
We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated students with a strong background in physics or chemistry. Strong enthusiasm for collaborative research across continents is expected.
Normally it takes three years to get a joint Ph.D degree. Enrolled students will spend two years at the leading University and the remaining year at the partner university and will be supported by the faculty at each site. A joint Ph.D degree and corresponding certifications will be conferred by each institutionLearn more about the collaboration between our centers.


“The joint Ph.D program gives me the chance to get to know a second academic environment, meet interesting people, and participate in the collaboration between our two institutes.”

Rafael Haenel, a joint Ph.D student supervised by Marcel Franz at UBC, and Dirk Manske at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) in Stuttgart.

How to apply
We recommend that you review and contact potential supervisors from the list of Principal Investigators prior to applying for the program. Applicants can also visit the Max Planck--UBC--UTokyo Center website for more information on our current projects.
To participate in the joint-Ph.D program, students can soon apply through

Applications for this program are now open and will be accepted until January 15, 2022.

Learn more
For more information on applying to the International Ph.D. Program in Quantum Materials, please email Natalia Bussard, Manager, Programs and Careers, at
If you have questions about the program or its partners, email Andrea Damascelli at or Dirk Manske at
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