As a central facility of the Institute, the Nanostructuring Lab offers tools and equipment for sample processing and characterization under cleanroom conditions. These are usually operated by the NSL users – after being trained - on their own.

Requesting Access to NSL Service:
  • Application form for MPI-FKF contract holders (pdf)
  • Application form for MPI-FKF externals (University, MPI-IS, ...) (pdf)

The application form - filled by the applicant and the department director/university professor – should be passed in to the NSL team. Together with the NSL team, the further steps will be discussed.

Any requests or questions?
Please contact the NSL team via   .

<p>Electron Beam Lithography</p>

Electron Beam Lithography

– 100 kV Electron Beam Writer (JEOL JBX6300FS) under Stable Environmental Conditions
   (Magnetic Field, Temperature, Humidity)
– SEM-based Electron Beam Writer with Interferometer-controlled Sample Stage
   (Raith eLine)

<p>Optical Lithography</p>

Optical Lithography

– Mask Design
– Mask Aligner for Exposure (Karl Suess MA 6 and MJB 3)
– Direct Laser Writer (Kloe Dilase 250)
– Diverse positive- and negative-tone resists are available

<p>Complex Sample Preparation with Focused Ion Beam</p>

Complex Sample Preparation with Focused Ion Beam

Scanning Electron Microscope combined with Focused Ion Beam, Micromanipulators and Gas Injection (Zeiss Crossbeam)

– TEM lamella preparation
– Shaping of functional devices from micro-crystals
– Positioning of (sub-)micron sized objects

<p>Imaging from Nano- to Centimeter Scale</p>

Imaging from Nano- to Centimeter Scale

– Photo Camera Setups (Nikon)
– Optical Microscopes (Nikon, Olympus)
– Scanning Electron Microscopes (Zeiss Merlin, Zeiss Gemini 500) with
      • EDX, EBSD (Oxford Instruments)
      • EBIC
      • in situ SPM (Semilab)
      • Micromanipulation tools (Kleindiek)

<p>Plasma Etching and Plasma-Enhanced Deposition</p>

Plasma Etching and Plasma-Enhanced Deposition

– Plasma-enhanced etching (ICP-RIE) with Fluorine, Chlorine, and Bromine Chemistry
   (Oxford Instruments ProLab100 Cobra)
– Bosch-like Etching Process

in 07/2020 (Sentech):
– Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PE-ALD) (Oxide, Nitride and Sulfide)
– ICP-RIE and PE-ALD within one vacuum cluster for
    surface treatment / passivation / encapsulation / electrical isolation

<p>Wetbenches and Fume Hoods</p>

Wetbenches and Fume Hoods

– Various Chemical Working Places for Spin Coating, Resist Developing,
   Wet Etching, Lift-Off, Sample Cleaning, Exfoliation, …
– Chemical fume hood for cleaning large UHV parts

<p>Material Deposition</p>

Material Deposition

– Thin Film Sputtering (Leica ACE600)
– Thermal Evaporation (Leybold Univex Systems)
– Atomic Layer Deposition (Cambridge Nanotechnology Shavanna 100)

<p>Auxiliary Tools</p>

Auxiliary Tools

– Wire Bonding (wedge and glue bonding)
– Plasma Cleaner (Diener)
– Profilometer (Veeco Dektak 8)
– Ellipsometer (Sentech SENResearch)
– Needle Probe Station
– Annealing Oven
– Critical Point Dryer (Leica EM CPD300)
– Target preparation tool for milling, sawing, grinding and polishing samples
    (Leica EM TPX)
– Cross Section Polisher (JEOL IB-091010CP)

<p>Sample Characterization and Processing Excluding Air</p>

Sample Characterization and Processing Excluding Air

– Argon Glove Boxes (with automated High-end Optical Microscope)
– Vacuum Shuttle Connection (Vacuum-connected Network of SEM,
    FIB, material sputtering)

<p>Software Tools</p>

Software Tools

– Monte-Carlo-Simulation of Electron Scattering in Materials
– Proximity Corrections for Electron Beam Lithography (Genisys Beamer)
– 3D Data Analysis and Visualization (Avizo)

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