Nano-Bio Interfaces

Nanoscale tools serve as ideal interfaces to interrogate biological systems since the sizes of many nanostructures are comparable to that of typical biomolecules. The activities in this research direction are aimed at characterizing biomolecules with a high resolution on the nanoscale. Individual biomolecules are soft-landed under clean vacuum conditions on substrate using the unique electrospray deposition method developed in the Department, and subsequently imaged by scanning probe microscopy and low energy electron holography with ultimate resolution.

Responsible Scientists:

Dr. Kelvin Anggara (link)

Dr. Luigi Malavolti

Prof. Stephan Rauschenbach – also at University of Oxford

Prof. Uta Schlickum – also at TU Braunschweig

Team Members

Moritz Edte, Rebecca Forth, Dr. Dhaneesh Kumar Gopalakrishnan, Dr. Jimin Ham, Shengpeng Huang, Myriam Wadsack, Dr. Xiaocui Wu, Dr. Ben Yang

Key Review

Stephan Rauschenbach, Markus Ternes, Ludger Harnau, Klaus Kern
Mass Spectrometry as a Preparative Tool for the Surface Science of Large Molecules

Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 9, 473 (2016)

Kelvin Anggara, Laura Sršan, Thapakorn Jaroentomeechai, Xu Wu, Stephan Rauschenbach, Yoshiki Narimatsu, Henrik Clausen, Thomas Ziegler, Rebecca L. Miller, Klaus Kern
Direct observation of glycans bonded to proteins and lipids at single molecule level

Science 382, 219 (2023)

Johannes Seibel, Giulio Fittolani, Hossein Mirhosseini, Xu Wu, Stephan Rauschenbach, Kelvin Anggara, Peter H. Seeberger, Martina Delbianco, Thomas D. Kühne, Uta Schlickum, Klaus Kern
Visualizing chiral interactions in carbohydrates adsorbed on Au(111) by high-resolution STM imaging
Angewandte Chemie 62, e202305733 (2023)

Hannah Ochner, Sven Szilagyi, Moritz Edte, Tim K. Esser, Stephan Rauschenbach, Luigi Malavolti, Klaus Kern
Imaging conformations of holo- and apo-transferrin on the single-molecule level by low-energy electron holography
Scientific Reports 13, 10241 (2023)

Kelvin Anggara, Hannah Ochner, Sven Szilagyi, Luigi Malavolti, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern
Landing proteins on graphene trampoline preserves their gas-phase folding on the surface
ACS Central Science 9, 151 (2023)

Hannah Ochner, Stephan Rauschenbach, Luigi Malavolti
Electrospray ion beam deposition plus low-energy electron holography as a tool for imaging individual biomolecules
Essays Biochem 67, 151 (2023)

Hannah Ochner,  Sven Szilagyi, Sabine Abb, Joseph Gault, Carol V. Robinson, Luigi Malavolti, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern
Low-energy electron holography imaging of conformational variability of single-antibody molecules from electrospray ion beam deposition
PNAS 118, e2112651118 (2021)

Kelvin Anggara, Yuntao Zhu, Giulio Fittolani, Yang Yu, Theodore Tyrikos-Ergas, Martina Delbianco, Stephan Rauschenbach, Sabine Abb, Peter H. Seeberger, Klaus Kern
Identifying the origin of local flexibility in a carbohydrate polymer
PNAS 118, e2102168118 (2021)

Lukas Krumbein, Kelvin Anggara, Martina Stella, Tomasz Michnowicz, Hannah Ochner, Sabine Abb, Gordon Rinke, André Portz, Michael Dürr, Uta Schlickum, Andrew Baldwin, Andrea Floris, Klaus Kern, Stephan Rauschenbach
Fast Molecular Compression by a Hyperthermal Collision Gives Bond-Selective Mechanochemistry
Phys. Rev. Lett., 126, 056001 (2021)

Kelvin Anggara, Yuntao Zhu, Martina Delbianco, Stephan Rauschenbach, Sabine Abb, Peter H. Seeberger, Klaus Kern
Exploring the Molecular Conformation Space by Soft Molecule-Surface Collision
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 142, 21420 (2020)

Xu Wu, Martina Delbianco, Kelvin Anggara, Tomasz Michnowicz, Alonso Pardo-Vargas, Priya Bharate, Suman Sen, Marcel Pristl, Stephan Rauschenbach, Uta Schlickum, Sabine Abb, Peter H. Seeberger, Klaus Kern
Imaging single glycans
Nature, 582, 375 (2020)

Key Publications (before 2020)

Sabine Abb, Nathalie Tarrat, Juan Cortes, Bohdan Andriyevsky, Ludger Harnau, J. Christian Schön, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern
Carbohydrate Self-Assembly at Surfaces: STM Imaging of Sucrose Conformation and Ordering on Cu(100)
Angewandte Chemie 131, 8424 (2019)

André Portz, Markus Baur, Gordon Rinke, Sabine Abb, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern, Michael Dürr
Chemical analysis of complex surface-adsorbed molecules and their reactions by means of cluster-induced desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Analytical Chemistry 90, 3328 (2018)

Jean-Nicolas Longchamp, Stephan Rauschenbach, Sabine Abb, Conrad Escher, Tatiana Latychevskaia, Klaus Kern, Hans-Werner Fink
Imaging proteins at the single-molecule level
PNAS 114, 1474 (2017)

Stephan Rauschenbach, Gordon Rinke, Rico Gutzler, Sabine Abb, Alyazan Albarghash, Duy Le, Talat S. Rahman, Michael Dürr, Ludger Harnau, Klaus Kern
Two-Dimensional Folding of Polypeptides into Molecular Nanostructures
ACS Nano 11, 2420 (2017)

Sabine Abb, Ludger Harnau, Rico Gutzler, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern
Two-Dimensional Honeycomb Network through Sequence-Controlled Self-Assembly of Oligopeptides
Nature Communications 7, 10335 (2016)

Laura Zuccaro, Cinzia Tesauro, Tetiana Kurkina, Paola Fiorani, Hak Ki Yu, Birgitta R. Knudsen, Klaus Kern, Alessandro Desideri, Kannan Balasubramanian
Real-time label-free direct electronic monitoring of topoisomerase enzyme binding kinetics on graphene
ACS Nano 9, 11166 (2015)

Kannan Balasubramanian, Klaus Kern
25th Anniversary Article: Label-free electrical biodetection using carbon nanostructures
Adv. Mater. 26, 1154 (2014)

Gordon Rinke, Stephan Rauschenbach, Ludger Harnau, Alyazan Albarghash, Matthias Pauly, Klaus Kern
Active Conformation Control of Unfolded Proteins by Hyperthermal Collision with a Metal Surface
Nano Lett. 14, 5609 (2014)

Stephan Rauschenbach, Gordon Rinke, Nikola Malinowski, R. Thomas Weitz, Robert Dinnebier, Nicha Thontasen, Zhitao Deng, Theresa Lutz, Pedro Martins de Almeida Rollo, Giovanni Costantini, Ludger Harnau, Klaus Kern
Crystalline Inverted Membranes Grown on Surfaces by Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition in Vacuum
Adv. Mater. 24, 2761 (2012)

Zhitao Deng, Nicha Thontasen, Nikola Malinowski, Gordon Rinke, Ludger Harnau, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern
A Close Look at Proteins: Submolecular Resolution of Two- and Three-Dimensionally Folded Cytochrome c at Surfaces
Nano Lett. 12, 2452 (2012)

Kannan Balasubramanian, Tetiana Kurkina, Ashraf Ahmad, Marko Burghard, Klaus Kern
Tuning the functional interface of carbon nanotubes by electrochemistry: Towards nanoscale chemical and biosensors
J. Mater. Res. 27, 391 (2012)

Tetiana Kurkina, Alexis Vlandas, Ashraf Ahmad, Klaus Kern, Kannan Balasubramanian
Label-free detection of few copies of DNA with carbon nanotube impedance biosensors
Angewandte Chemie 50, 3710 (2011)

Alexis Vlandas, Tetiana Kurkina, Ashraf Ahmad, Klaus Kern, Kannan Balasubramanian
Enzyme-free sugar sensing in microfluidic channels with an affinity based single-wall carbon nanotube sensor
Analytical Chemistry 82, 6090 (2010)

Stephan Rauschenbach, Frank L. Stadler, Eugenio Lunedei, Nicola Malinowski, Sergej Koltsov, Giovanni Costantini, Klaus Kern
Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition of Clusters and Biomolecules
Small 2, 540 (2006)

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