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September 2017
Ultrafast Li diffusion as Nature Nano cover!


Dr. Jurgen Smet
Dr. Jurgen Smet
Phone:+49 711 689-5244Fax:+49 711 689-1498

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Dr. Jurgen Smet: Room 2W44
in the new precision lab

Solid State Nanophysics

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Research in the Solid State Nanophysics Group focuses on the study of the many unusual ways in which electrons organize themselves as a result of interactions and correlations among their charge and spin degrees of freedom, when these electrons are confined in one or more dimensions on the nanometer scale. Transport and optical properties are investigated with local probe methods, at low temperatures, in high magnetic fields, under high frequency radiation or any combination thereof. The electrons are confined either in III–V semiconductor heterostructures or in strictly two-dimensional crystals such as graphene, molybdenum sulfide or other single layers of the large class of layered materials with weak interlayer forces. Also hybrid stacks of these two-dimensional crystals are fabricated and explored in a quest for novel functionalities and interaction physics.

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