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#34 - Congrations to Dong Zhao September 2023
We congratulate Dong Zhao for his recent publication in Nature Physics about finding experimental evidences for a novel finite-momentum pairing state in lithium intercalated bilayer MoS2. You can find the work published here.

#33 - Congrations to Matthias Kühne May 2022
We congratulate Matthias for being able to secure a faculty position at Brown University.

#32 - EPS prize for Jurgen Smet June 2020
The European Physical Society (EPS) awarded him the EPS Edison Volta Prize 2020 for outstanding achievements in physics, together with Klaus Ensslin and Dieter Weiss.

#31 - Type-II Ising pairing in few-layer stanene March 2020
We congratulate Joe on his recent publication in Science. Together with the former group member Ding Zhang, who is now an associate professor at Tsinghua University, he investigated few-layer stanene. and discovered type-II Ising pairing in this two-dimensional material.

#30 - Nature Nanotechnology cover September 2017
We are very proud to announce that the artwork of Matthias representing ultrafast lithium diffusion into bilayer graphene was chosen as cover for the recent Nature Nanotechnology volume. Check it out here, and also the corresponding article here.

#29 - Negative permittivity in bubble and stripe phases July 2017
We congratulate Benedikt on his recent publication in Nature Physics! By tickling GaAs with surface acoustic waves (SAW) he could observe negative permittivity present solely when bubble and stripe phases form.

#28 - Ultrafast lithium diffusion June 2017
Congratulations to Matthias! His groundbreaking new approach to guide lithium ions through bilayer graphene from a remote electrolyte has revealed ultrafast lithium diffusion. You can find the work published in Nature Nanotechnology.

#27 - von Humboldt scholarship January 2017
Youngwook Kim has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt scholarship for postdoctoral scientists - our congratulations!

#26 - Inoue Research Award December 2016
We are very happy to announce that Joseph Falson will receive the Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists - congratulations!

#25 - Welcome Yijin August 2016
We welcome a new postdoctoral researcher in our team: Yijin will explore the opto-electronical properties of 2D materials. We wish him all the best for his work!

#24 - A twist in bilayer graphene July 2016
Congratulations to Youngwook! His work on "charge inversion and topological phase transition at a twist angle induced van Hove singularity of bilayer graphene" just appeared in ACS Nano Letters.

#23 - Daniela joins the team May 2016
We welcome Daniela Tabrea in our team! In her master thesis, she will explore the 2D physics in ZnO.

#22 - Graphene Hall Sensors 1st July 2015
Together with the Stuttgart-based Robert Bosch GmbH we are looking into possible applications of graphene as sensing material. Recent results were presented during Graphene Week 2015 in Manchester. This presentation was highlighted by the EU Graphene Flagship Project: Link to News.

#21 - Benedikt receives Otto Hahn Medal 6th May 2015
Congratulations to Benedikt for receiving the Otto Hahn Medal 2015 from the Max Planck Society for outstanding scientific achievements.

#20 - fractional quantum Hall physics in ZnO 23rd March 2015
Congratulations to Joe, Benedikt and Ding for the acceptance of their even denominator fractional quantum Hall work on ZnO into Nature Physics.

#19 - PhD of Benedikt and photo shooting 15th November 2014
Two months ago, Benedikt successfully defended his PhD thesis - congratulations! For now, he will continue his research projects as PostDoc in our group.

Last August, Stuttgart based photographer Wolfram Scheible visited our group to capture our daily work on graphene for the German popular scientific magazine Bild der Wissenschaft. The article appeared in the October edition of the magazine. The images can be found on our website in the gallery section.

#18 - new members and publications 17th August 2014
We are happy to welcome three new group members:

Johannes Geurs joined our group as PhD student beginning of August.

Yvonne Link started working with us one month ago and will help us with technical support in the cleanroom.

Juliane Mürter will reinforce as research assistant our exfoliation team of 2D materials, starting from mid of August.

Congratulations to Benedikt and Ding who both could recently publish their results in PRL articles:

Probing the Microscopic Structure of the Stripe Phase at Filling Factor 5/2

Signatures for Wigner Crystal Formation in the Chemical Potential of a Two-Dimensional Electron System.

#17 - latest news 8th April 2014
Congratulations to Ding Zhang for receiving his PhD! We wish you all the best for your future work and life in China, and hope to see you again soon!

We welcome Leila Raafat in our group. She started recently as a research assistant (Hiwi) and will help us in improving our graphene devices.

Last Saturday, 5th April 2014, our institute had a day of open doors which is scheduled once in three years. We thank all the many visitors in our labs, and we hope we could raise your interest in science and graphene! The Stuttgarter Zeitung (newspaper) reported from our labs: [Link].  

#16 - New group members 28th November 2013
We welcome Pranoti, Wafa, and Ioannis to our team. As research assistants (Hiwis) they will support us in the manufacturing and characterization of 2D materials. Further, a new group member was born on 4th October. Samuel is doing well and keeps his father Steffen quite busy.

#15 - Guinness World Record 11th October 2013
First atomic layer thin glass was grown on CVD graphene in our group in 2011 and analyzed by the groups of Ute Kaiser at the University of Ulm and of David Muller at the Cornell University by TEM studies. This discovery has now been acknowledged as a world record with an entry in Guinness World Records 2014. [Link]

#14 - local compressibility in a bilayer electron system 13th May 2013
Our recent work on local compressibility measurements of the vtot=1 quantum Hall state in bilayer electron systems was published in PRB on 10th of May.

#13 - Joseph is back in our group 11th February 2013
We are pleased to host again our guest Joseph Falson from Kawasaki's group. He is looking forward to perform low temperature transport measurements on ZnO during his stay for the next month.

#12 - Three guests in our labs 20th January 2013
We are pleased to welcome back Dong Su Lee, a former group member. He will study the transconductance in bilayer graphene together with his student Youngwook Kim from KIST in search for correlation induced incompressible ground states. Also, Viera Skakalova from the University of Vienna will join this effort.

#11 - Happy New Year 1st January 2013
We want to wish all our visitors a happy New Year 2013!

#10 - New research assistant 28th October 2012
We welcome David Stenzel to our team. As a research assistant he will help Benedikt with the production and characterization of homemade silver sinters.

#9 - Welcome to Joseph Falson 9th October 2012
Joseph Falson (Masashi Kawasaki group) is visiting our group for the next two weeks. He plans to perform low temperature transport measurements on ZnO.

#8 - Slava Muraviev will visit us 9th October 2012
Slava Muraviev (Igor Kukushkin group, ISSP Chernogolovka) will visit us from 31st October until 12th November. His goal is the fabrication of graphene heterostructures.

#7 - New dilution refrigerator at 4.38 mK 28th September 2012
Giorgio Frossati (Leiden Cryogenics) has informed us that our new MNK dilution refrigerator has reached a base temperature of 4.38 mK without 50 mK shield and a cooling power of 900 µW at 120 mK.

#6 - Workshop “Topological Materials for Nanoelectronics” 28th September 2012
We are hosting a workshop on “Topological Materials for Nanoelectronics” (8-10 October 2012).

#5 - Yongqing's PRB selected as editor's choice 27th September 2012
Yongqing Li's long paper on nuclear spin interaction effects with composite fermions in Phys. Rev. B has been selected as editor's choice. Congratulations!

#4 - Welcome to Sergey Dorozhkin 27th September 2012
We welcome Sergey Dorozhkin (ISSP Chernogolovka) to our group! As our guest he will perform microwave experiments at low temperatures.

#3 - New website online 25th September 2012
From now on, our new website is officially online. We hope that you like it!

#2 - New publication in Science 7th September 2012
Unconventional Sequence of Fractional Quantum Hall States in Suspended Graphene - now in Science.

#1 - Beni receives his PhD 16th July 2012
Congratulations to Benjamin Krauss for receiving his PhD!
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