Solid State Proton Conductors (SSPC-20)

Solid State Proton Conductors (SSPC-20)

Online Conference, September 27 - October 1, 2021

The SSPC conference series has a strong focus on fundamental aspects of proton, hydroxide and hydride ion conduction in solids (organic and inorganic materials, soft and hard matter, experiment and theory), and ranges to applications such as fuel/electrolyzer cells, permeation membranes, sensors, etc.

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Confirmed keynote speakers:


Confirmed invited speakers:

K. Amezawa (Tohoku U.)
C. Bae (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
D. Dekel (Technion Haifa)
G. Geneste (CEA France)
K.-D. Kreuer (Max Planck Institute Stuttgart)
J.-H. Lee (KIST Seoul)
E. T. J. Nibbering (Max Born Institute Berlin)
R. O'Hayre (Colorado School of Mines)
M. Tuckerman (New York U.)


B. C. Benicewicz (U. South Carolina)
V. Di Noto (U. Padua)
M. L. Di Vona (U. Roma Tor Vergata)
A. Grimaud (College du France Paris)
S. M. Haile (Northwestern U.)
D. Henkensmeier (KIST Seoul)
O. Joubert (U. Nantes)
Nanwen Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
L. A. Madsen (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
A. Martinelli (Chalmers)
H. Matsumoto (Kyushu U.)
K. Miyatake (Yamanashi U.)
T. Nazarenus (U. Bayreuth)
T. Norby (U. Oslo)
Ranran Peng (U. Sci. Technol. Hefei)
S. Ricote (Colorado School of Mines)
M. Stange (SINTEF Oslo)
H. Takamura (Tohoku U.)
D. Tsvetkov (Ural Federal U.)
Y. Yamazaki (Kyushu U.)


The conference covers topics such as

  • fundamental aspects of proton transfer in aqueous and polymeric systems  
  • fundamental aspects of proton transfer in oxides and at oxide/water interfaces
  • defect chemistry of proton and mixed conducting oxides (experiment and theory)
  • hydrides, oxyhydrides 
  • improved sintering processes, large area oxide membrane fabrication, metal supported cells
  • novel processing routes such as "cold sintering", "powder aerosol deposition"
  • surface reaction mechanism/kinetics at PCFC cathodes
  • protonic ceramic fuel and electrolyzer cells
  • proton and mixed conducting membranes for catalysis and permeation


Rotraut Merkle, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Patric Jannasch, Lund University


Scientific Board:

M. Casciola
S. M. Haile
R. Haugsrud

J. T. S. Irvine
B. K. Kim
Q. Li

S. Lyonnard
H. Matsumoto
R. Merkle

S. J. Paddison
S. Yamaguchi



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