The research of the SOLID STATE QUANTUM ELECTRONICS department focuses on the design, fabrication, and characterization of heterostructures grown on the atomic scale from complex materials. Growth and characterization are performed with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

If you are interested in pursuing a thesis or working as a postdoc in our department, please send a mail with your CV to

office-mannhart [at]  

Please note that we will only respond to those candidates who seem a good match for our research efforts and interests.


All applications will be evaluated based on the scientific qualifications and the suitability of the applicant for potential positions. If relevant, please send us your best publications, and we will assess the quality of your scientific work.           

We usually do not consider publication counts, the names of the journals in which these have appeared, how often work has been cited, and how high indices are.


The topics for theses or research fields for postdocs are usually defined together in discussions to also consider the interests and skill sets of the applicants. Postdocs typically work with a substantial scientific freedom. Nevertheless, here are a few examples for current research topics:


Design, growth, and characterization of quantum matter heterostructures using our advanced epitaxial growth system based on pulsed laser deposition.


Exploration of nanoelectronic devices or artificial atoms structured from quantum materials by electron-beam lithography.


Growing and exploring new materials and heterostructures with designed work functions for green energy applications, for example based on thermoelectronic energy conversion.

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