Publications 2010

Awana, V.P.S., R. Tripathi, N. Kumar, H. Kishan, G.L. Bhalla, R. Zeng, L.S.S. Chandra, V. Ganesan and H.­U. Habermeier.
Magnetotransport of La0,70Ca0,3-xSrxMnO3(Ag): A potential room temperature bolometer and magnetic sensor. Journal of Applied Physics 107, 09D723 (2010).

Aydogdu, G.H., Y. Kuru, J. Nelayah, P.A. van Aken and H.­U. Habermeier.
Thickness dependent microstruc­tural changes in La0,5Ca0,5MnO3 thin films deposited on (111) SrTiO3. Thin Solid Films 518, 4667-4669 (2010).

Jia, R.R., J.C. Zhang, R.K. Zheng, D.M. Deng, H.­U. Habermeier, H.L.W. Chan, H.S. Luo and S.X. Cao.
Effects of ferroelectric­poling­induced strain on the quantum correction to low­temperature resistivity of manganite thin films. Physical Review B 82, 104418 (2010).

Kim, J.S., S.S.A. Seo, M.F. Chisholm, R.K. Kremer, H.­U. Habermeier, B. Keimer and H.N. Lee.
Nonlinear Hall effect and multichannel conduction in LaTiO3/SrTiO3 superlattices. Physical Review B 82, 201407 (2010).

Kuru, Y., H.­U. Habermeier, R. Tripathi, V.P.S. Awana and H. Kishan.
Room temperature magnetoresistance of La0,7Ca0,2Ba0,1MnO3/Ag thin films. physica status solidi (a) 207, 1485-1488 (2010).

Kuru, Y., M. Usman, G. Cristiani and H.­U. Habermeier.
Microstructural changes in epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films due to creation of O vacancies. Journal of Crystal Growth 312, 2904-2908 (2010).

Razavi, F.S., S.J. Gharetape, D.A. Crandles, G. Christiani, R.K. Kremer and H.­U. Habermeier.
Evidence for random networks of diodes in thin films of LaVO3 on SrTiO3 substrates. Applied Physics Letters 96, 042110 (2010).

Zheng, R.K., H.­U. Habermeier, H.L.W. Chan, C.L. Choy and H.S. Luo.
Effects of substrate­induced strain on transport properties of LaMnO3+δ and CaMnO3 thin films using ferroelectric poling and converse piezo­ electric effect. Physical Review B 81, 104427 (2010).

Zheng, R.K., Y. Wang, H.L.W. Chan, C.L. Choy, H.­U. Habermeier and H.S. Luo.
Effects of ferroelectric­ poling­induced strain on the transport and magnetic properties of La7/8Ba1/8MnO3 thin films. Journal of Applied Physics 108, 033912 (2010).

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