Shades of purple: Exfoliated graphene with varying thickness on Si substrate with 300 nm thermal oxide layer (markers: 5µm).

Artistic view of graphene's hexagonal lattice structure.

TEM image of a grain boundary of bilayer graphene. Substrate (grey), monolayer (blue), and bilayer graphene with different rotation angles forming distinctive Moire patterns (purple). Scale bar: 5nm.

SEM image of a transferred graphene flake revealing wrinkles induced by the transfer process (scale bar: 2 µm).

SEM image of a perforated graphene hallbar with gold contacts (periodicity of nanostructured holes: 150 nm).

SEM image of a hallbar with many gold contacts. Bonding wires are attached to gold pads (marker size: 5µm).

Typically sized substrate glued onto a chip carrier, equipped with bonding wires (scale bar: 1mm, SEM image).

Microscope image of a graphene device covered with an electrolyte. Applying a gate voltage displaces the ions in the electrolyte generating high charge injection in the sample.

Fractional quantum Hall states of graphene uncovered by the single electron transistor [see also Science 337, 1196 (2012)].

Transconductance fluctuations revealing fractional quantum Hall states in graphene [see also PRL 109, 056602 (2012)].

Diamond-like Coulomb blockade pattern in graphene [see also PRL 109, 056602 (2012)].

Artistic view of the Dirac cones from the top and bottom surfaces of a topological insulator.

Evolution of the quantum Hall states in a GaAs bilayer [see also PRB 87, 205304 (2013)].

Graphene with varying thickness grown on polycrystalline Platinum foil at temperatures above 1000°C and with a low ratio of hydrogen. The growth direction follows the Pt crystal orientation which varies between the Pt grains (SEM image, scale bar: 80 µm).

Single-crystalline graphene grown on polycrystalline Platinum foil at temperatures above 1000°C and with a high ratio of hydrogen. The graphene domain crosses a grain boundary of Pt revealing a weak interaction between the graphene and the catalyzing Platinum substrate (SEM image, scale bar: 100 µm).

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