Prof. Dr. Klaus von Klitzing

Prof. Dr. Klaus von Klitzing

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Klaus von Klitzing is heading the department "Low Dimensional Electron Systems" at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany.

He was born on 28th June 1943 in Schroda. Klaus von Klitzing studied Physics at the Technical University of Braunschweig. He continued his scientific career at the University of Würzburg, receiving his doctorate in 1972 and his habilitation in 1978. Subsequently, he was appointed professor at the Technical University of Munich (1980-1984), before becoming both Honorarprofessor (part-time prof.) at the University of Stuttgart and Director and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in 1985.

During his scientific career, Klaus von Klitzing had research stays at the University of Oxford, England, at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Grenoble, France, and at the IBM Research Lab in the Yorktown Heights, USA.

In 1985, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Klaus von Klitzing "for the discovery of the quantized Hall effect".

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Scientific Awards / Honours / Memberships (selection)

  • Nobel Prize for Physics (1985)
  • Designation of the fundamental constant RK = h/e2 as von Klitzing constant
  • Honorary Member German Physical Society
  • Numerous Honorary Doctorates

Research Keywords (selection)

  • Experimental semiconductor physics
  • Low dimensional electron systems
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Molecular quantum structures

Selected Publications

K. v. Klitzing, G. Dorda, and M. Pepper
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Solid State Commun. 45, 625-628 (1983)

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E. Vasiliadou, G. Müller, D. Heitmann, D. Weiss, K. v. Klitzing, H. Nickel, W. Schlapp, and R. Lösch
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Phys. Rev. B 48, 17145–17148 (1993)

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Y.Y. Wei, J. Weis, K. v. Klitzing, and K. Eberl
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J.H. Smet, S. Jobst, K. von Klitzing, D. Weiss, W. Wegscheider, and V. Umansky
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Nature Physics 4, 144 – 148 (2008)

L. Tiemann, J.G.S. Lok, W. Dietsche, K. von Klitzing, K. Muraki, D. Schuh, and W. Wegscheider
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Physical Review B 77, 033306 (2008)

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D. Zhang, S. Schmult, V. Venkatachalam, W. Dietsche, A. Yacoby, K. v. Klitzing and J. Smet
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Physical Review B 87, 205304 (2013)

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