06.04.18 11:00 am 7 D 2

Lichen Wang
Peking University, Internat. Center for Quantum Materials, Peking, China Photon scattering for Cu^2+ from high-Tc to spin chains
28.03.18 03:00 pm 4 D 2

Hao Chu
Ultrafast Solid State Spectroscopy Group, MPI-FKF, Stuttgart, Germany Nonlinear and ultrafast optical investigations of Srn+1IrnO3n+1 compounds
08.03.18 02:00 pm 4 D 2

Andrea Taroni
Nature Physics, Great Britain Inside Nature Physics
05.02.18 02:00 pm 4 D 2

Alejandro Ruiz
University of California, Dept. of Physics, Berkeley CA, USA Correlations and intertwined states in 3D Mott-Kitaev β-Li2IrO3 driven by magnetic field
02.02.18 11:00 am 7 D 2

Yishu Wang
California Institute of Technology / CIT, Dept. of Physics, Pasadena CA, USA Antiferromagnetic quantum phase transitions: continuous tuning and direct probes of competing states
23.01.18 10:00 am 2 R 4

Amit Keren
Department of Physics, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel Is magnetism relevant to cuprate superconductivity: lanthanides versus charge compensated 123?
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