An important aspect of the Max-Planck-UBC-UTokyo collaboration is to give undergraduate UBC and UTokyo students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in research projects in Max-Planck (MP) institutes, UBC, or UTokyo.

An overview of concrete project descriptions is listed here. In addition, the leaders of Max-Planck departments and groups participating in the Max-Planck-UBC- UTokyo Centre are listed under Members whom you can contact for further opportunities. Successful participation in such a job also creates chances for possible later graduate jobs and theses within the MP-UBC-UTokyo collaboration in Max-Planck, UBC and UTokyo groups.

For UBC-students:

If you are interested in doing your Science Co-op work term in a Max-Planck group or in a UTokyo group, please apply to the UBC Science Co-op director Javed Iqbal iqbal@phas.ubc.ca


For UTokyo-students:

Students interested in an  autumn semester work at a Max-Planck Institute or UBC, please contact Ryo Shimano  shimano@phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

If you have questions regarding a particular group or job, contact the corresponding group leader. For general scientific inquiries, contact the German Scientific Coordinator of the "MP-UBC-UTokyo Centre" D.Manske@fkf.mpg.de

For an overview of current projects click here.



The application must contain a curriculum vitae, a publication list, and a research statement.

In addition, candidates should arrange for two reference letters to be sent directly to the same address.

The selection criteria comprise a convincing description of your interests and CV, your marks and recommendations from previous supervisors, an interview and also the opinion of the prospective supervisor. When accepted for a job, your travel costs and accommodation in Germany, Canada, or Japan will be paid and you will receive a stipend to cover your living expenses while at a Max-Planck Institute, UBC, or UTokyo.

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