Network and Security

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Network and Security

Basic network security for the institute is provided by a central firewall. Not fully updateable PCs that are part of experimental setups are gathered in the lab network segment protected by a separate firewall device. The network provides a bandwidth of 1 GB/s to each office and lab, servers now use two redundant 10 GB/s uplinks by default and are configured to use load sharing over both uplinks. The core switches are interconnected with 40 to 50 GB/s.

To fulfill the MPG security requirements a guest network was established which is separated from the institutes internal network. It provides internet access for our guests. In 2013 our institute became member of the EDUROAM network, permitting our users to log into the guest networks of many academic institutions worldwide.

In 2014 a new dedicated 10GB/s VPN connection to the Max Planck Computing center Garching (RZG) was established allowing access to a distributed parallel filesystem accessible locally as well as from the RZG clusters and the supercomputer Hydra.

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