Production - Turning




We work with the following conventional lathes:

Weiler Primus Zoom Image
Weiler Primus
Weiler Matador Zoom Image
Weiler Matador
Weiler Commodor Zoom Image
Weiler Commodor

… and the following computer-assisted lathes:

Somab Unimab 400 Zoom Image
Somab Unimab 400
Somab Optimab 400 Zoom Image
Somab Optimab 400
Cazeneuve Maxica 725 Zoom Image
Cazeneuve Maxica 725

The Somab Unimab 400 and the Cazeneuve Maxica 725 are so-called cycle-controlled lathes.

Apart from cycle programming, the Somab Optimab 400 has a fully functioning CNC control system which, together with the 12 turret stations, allows complete machining.

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