The Sub-Electron-volt Sub-Angstrom Microscope is a unique TEM, with a monochromator and an in-column MANDOLINE energy filter. The microscope column is suspended from an ultrastable support frame to provide excellent isolation. The SESAM was developed to provide the best performance in analytical electron microscopy combined with very high spatial resolution. It remains one of the best uncorrected TEMs for analytical work.

For more information see Koch et al's "SESAM: Exploring the Frontiers of Electron Microscopy" [C.T. Koch, W. Sigle, R. Höschen, M. Rühle, E. Essers, G. Benner, M. Matijevic, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 12 (2006) 506-514]

Gun FEG Schottky
Image resolution 0.24 nm
Energy resolution 0.1 eV
Tilt angles 30°/15°
Heating holder 900°C
Cooling holder -160°C
Other holders

rotation, tomography

Energy filter Mandoline in-column
EDX system Noran

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