The probe-corrected ARM200F is a state-of-the-art (S)TEM with exceptional stability and the capability to produce a very small probe. The microscope is also equipped with advanced EELS and EDX systems for chemical analysis. High energy resolution at high spatial resolution is thus obtainable. The system is set up for operation at voltages of 30 kV, 60 kV, 80 kV and 200 kV. Sample holders for in-situ heating and cooling as well as for electron tomography are available. more
The image-corrected ARM200F incorporates the latest developments in TEM to give excellent spatial resolution in HRTEM imaging. It has a cold field-emission gun, with a range of available accelerating voltages (30 kV, 60 kV, 80 kV and 200 kV). It has state-of-the art EELS and EDX systems for advanced chemical analysis. The system includes HAADF, ABF, and BF detectors, and can accommodate sample holders for in-situ heating and cooling as well as for electron tomography. more
The sub-electron-volt sub-angstrom microscope is a unique TEM, with a monochromator and an in-column MANDOLINE energy filter. The microscope column is suspended from an ultrastable support frame to provide excellent isolation. The SESAM was developed to provide the best performance in analytical electron microscopy combined with very high spatial resolution. It remains one of the best uncorrected TEMs for analytical work. more
The EM 912 TEM is an excellent microscope for tomography. It has the highest possible tilt range of our TEMs. This TEM has a LaB6 source and is equipped with an Omega in-column energy filter. It can accept heating, cooling and rotation specimen holders as well as the high-tilt holder required for tomography. more
The CM200 is a widely-used microscope, excellent for conventional TEM work. It has a LaB6 source, operated with a 200kV accelerating voltage. This TEM is ideal for bright field and dark field imaging, and for dislocation and defect analysis using diffraction contrast imaging, including the weak-beam dark field technique. The available range for tilting is large and the microscope can accommodate a cooling holder. more
The group has three SEMs, excellent for imaging, EDX or WDX. The LEO 438VP allows large tilt angles and can be used for orientation imaging microscopy. The EPMA Cameca SX 100 is used for WDX and has special anti-contamination equipment installed. The Zeiss DSM 982 Gemini is the highest resolution SEM in the group. more
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