JEOL ARM200F - Image Corrected

The image-corrected ARM200F incorporates the latest developments in TEM to give excellent spatial resolution in HRTEM imaging. It has a cold field-emission gun, with a range of available accelerating voltages (30 kV, 60 kV, 80 kV and 200 kV). It has state-of-the art EELS and EDX systems for advanced chemical analysis. The system includes HAADF, ABF, and BF detectors, and can accommodate sample holders for in-situ heating and cooling as well as for electron tomography.

Gun cold field emission Image resolution < 0.1 nm Energy resolution 0.3 eV Tilt angles ± 26° Heating holder 900°C Cooling holder -160°C Other holders tomography, Protochips FUSION Select Energy filter Gatan GIF Quantum ER Cameras Gatan Ultrascan XP1000, Gatan OriusSC200D EDX system JEOL

TEM Comparison Table

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