JEOL ARM200F - Image Corrected

The image-corrected ARM200F incorporates the latest developments in TEM to give excellent spatial resolution in HRTEM imaging. It has a cold field-emission gun, with a range of available accelerating voltages (30 kV, 60 kV, 80 kV and 200 kV). It has state-of-the art EELS and EDX systems for advanced chemical analysis. The system includes HAADF, ABF, and BF detectors, and can accommodate sample holders for electron tomography and in situ investigations concerning variations in temperatur and atmosphere.

Gun cold field emission
Image resolution < 0.1 nm
Energy resolution 0.3 eV
Tilt angles ± 26°
Heating holder 900°C
Cooling holder -160°C
Other holders tomography, Protochips Atmosphere, Protochips FUSION Select
Energy filter Gatan GIF Quantum ER
Cameras Gatan OneView, Gatan OriusSC200D, Gatan Ultrascan XP1000 (GIF)
EDX system JEOL

TEM Comparison Table

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