Publications 2013

Adepalli, K. K.; Kelsch, M.; Merkle, R.; Maier, J.
Influence of line defects on the electrical properties of single crystal TiO2
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (14), 1798-1806 (2013)

Benaissa, M.; Sigle, W.; Korytov, M.; Brault, J.; Vennegues, P.; van Aken, P. A.
Plasmon energy from strained GaN quantum wells
Applied Physics Letters 103 (2), 021901 (2013)

Burghard, Z.; Leineweber, A.; van Aken, P. A.; Dufaux, T.; Burghard, M.; Bill, J.
Hydrogen-bond reinforced vanadia nanofiber paper of high stiffness
Advanced Materials 25 (17), 2468-2473 (2013)

Chen, Y.-C.; Goering, E.; Jeurgens, L.; Wang, Z.; Phillipp, F.; Baier, J.; Tietze, T.; Schütz, G.
Unexpected room-temperature ferromagnetism in bulk ZnO
Applied Physics Letters 103, 162405 (2013)

Diaz-Egea, C.; Sigle, W.; van Aken, P. A.; Molina, S. I.
High spatial resolution mapping of surface plasmon resonance modes in single and aggregated gold nanoparticles assembled on DNA strands
Nanoscale Research Letters 8, 337 (2013)

Esslinger, M.; Khunsin, W.; Talebi, N.; Wei, T.; Jens Dorfmüller, J.; Vogelgesang, R.; Klaus Kern, K.
Phase engineering of subwavelength unidirectional plasmon launchers
Advanced Optical Materials 1, 434-437 (2013)

Frano, A.; Benckiser, E.; Lu, Y.; Castro-Colin, M.; Reehuis, M.; Boris, A. V.; Detemple, E.; Sigle, W.; van Aken, P. A.; Cristiani, G.; Logvenov, G.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Wochner, P.; Keimer, B.; Hinkov, V.
Layer Selective Control of the Lattice Structure in Oxide Superlattices
Advanced Materials 26, 258-262 (2013)

Jensen, C.; Buck, D.; Dilger, H.; Bauer, M.; Phillipp, F.; Roduner, E.
Maximum hydrogen chemisorption on KL zeolite supported Pt clusters
Chemical Communications 49 (6), 588-590 (2013)

Junggeburth, S. C.; Diehl, L.; Werner, S.; Duppel, V.; Sigle, W.; Lotsch, B. V.
Ultrathin 2D coordination polymer nanosheets by surfactant-mediated synthesis
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (16), 6157-6164 (2013)

Le Thomas, N.; Alexander, D. T. L.; Cantoni, M.; Sigle, W.; Houdre, R.; Heber, C.
Imaging of high-Q cavity optical modes by electron energy-loss microscopy
Physical Review B 87, 155314 (2013)

Li, C.; Yin, C.; Gu, L.; Mu, X.; van Aken, P. A.; Maier, J.
An FeF30.5H2O polytype: A microporous framework compound with intersecting tunnels for Li and Na batteries
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (31), 11425-11428 (2013)

Li, C. L.; Mu, X. K.; Van Aken, P. A.; Maier, J.
A high-capacity cathode for lithium batteries consisting of porous microspheres of highly amorphized iron fluoride densified from its open parent phase
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (1), 113-119 (2013)

Li, C. L.; Yin, C. L.; Mu, X. K.; Maier, J.
Top-down synthesis of open framework fluoride for lithium and sodium batteries
Chemical Materials 25 (6), 962-969 (2013)

Liu, J.; Tang, K.; Song, K.; van Aken, P. A.; Yu, Y.; Maier, J.
Tiny Li4Ti5O12 nanoparticles embedded in carbon nanofibers as high-capacity and long-life anode materials for both Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (48), 20813-20818 (2013)

Mu, X. K.; Neelamraju, S.; Sigle, W.; Koch, C. T.; Toto, N.; Schön, J. C.; Fischer, J.; Jansen, M.; van Aken, P. A.
Evolution of order in amorphous - to - crystalline phase transformation of MgF2
Journal of Applied Crystallography 46, 1105-1116 (2013)

Rothenstein, D.; Facey, S. J.; Ploss, M.; Hans, P.; Melcher, M.; Srot, V.; Van Aken, P. A.; Hauer, B.; Bill, J.
Mineralization of gold nanoparticles using tailored M13 phages
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials 2, 173-185 (2013)

Srot, V.; Bußmann, B.; Salzberger, U.; Koch, C. T.; van Aken, P. A.
Exploring teeth by analytical (S)TEM – nanochemistry and microstructure of human teeth
G.I.T. Imaging and Microscopy 3, 35-37 (2013)

Srot, V.; Wegst, U. G. K.; Salzberger, U.; Koch, C. T.; Hahn, K.; Kopold, P.; van Aken, P. A.
Microstructure, chemistry, and electronic structure of natural hybrid composites in abalone shell
Micron 48, 54-64 (2013)

Talebi, N.; Sigle, W.; Vogelgesang, R.; van Aken, P. A.
Numerical simulations of interference effects in photon-assisted electron energy-loss spectroscopy
New Journal of Physics 15, 053013 (2013)

Tang, K.; Yu, Y.; Mu, X. K.; van Aken, P. A.; Maier, J.
Multichannel hollow TiO2 nanofibers fabricated by single-nozzle electrospinning and their application for fast lithium storage
Electrochemistry Communications 28, 54-57 (2013)

Tang, K.; Mu, X. K.; van Aken, P. A.; Yu, Y.; Maier, J.
“Nano-Pearl-String” TiNb2 O7 as anodes for rechargeable lithium batteries
Advanced Energy Materials 3, 49-53 (2013)

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