Lecture Notes - Summer Term 2013




1. Introduction
2. Semiconductors
    a) introduction
        i)  general properties
        ii) band bending
    b) epitaxial growth of heterostructures, MBE, PLD                   
    c) electrons in quantum structures, introduction
        i) 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D
        ii) Landau-levels
        iii) Shubnikov-de Haas et al.
    d) Quantum Hall Effects
    e) localization
    f) quantum dots
    g) lasers
    h) mesoscopic devices (e.g., SETs)
    i) high speed heterostructure devices


 Notes 2a Semiconductor introduction

 Notes 2b epitaxial growth of heterostructures

 Notes 2c electrons in quantum structures

 Notes 2d Quantum Hall Effects

 Notes 2e localization

 Notes 2f quantum dots

 Notes 2g lasers

 Notes 2h mesoscopic devices

 Notes 2i high speed heterostructure devices

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