"Nanoelectronics" - Winter Term 2017/2018

Important notice !

Please be aware that since Oct. 25, the lecture takes place at the

Room 1W48, in the Precison Lab Building of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Heisenbergstr. 1, Stuttgart-Büsnau 





1.   Status modern electronics
      with recap of lecture Current Topics in Nanoelectronics

2.   Basics of electronic materials

3.   Quantum dots, Coulomb blockade, single electron transistors

4.   Phase-transition transistors

5.   Spintronics and spin-orbit devices

6.   Valleytronics, orbitronics

7.   Hybrid electronic / ionic devices

8.   Brain-inspired electronic devices, neuromorphic computing

9.   Molecular electronics

10. Qubits and quantum computing

11. Fundamental limits in computation



1) Status modern electronics

 1.1 Slides of lecture

2) Basics of electronic materials

 2.1 Slides of lecture   

3) Quantum dots, Coulomb blockade, single electron transistors

 3.1 Slides of lecture

5) Spintronics and spin-orbit devices

 5.1 Slides of lecture

6) Valleytronics, orbitronics

 6.1 Slides of lecture

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