Single Lithium Ion Conductors with very High Conductivity

Super-acidic sulfonated poly-phenylene sulfones in their Li+ form show liquid like single Li+ conductivity when solvated with aprotic polar solvents.

K. D. Kreuer, A. Wohlfarth, C. C. de Araujo, A. Fuchs, and J. Maier 
Single Alkaline-Ion (Li+, Na+) Conductors by Ion Exchange of Proton-Conducting Ionomers and Polyelectrolytes 
ChemPhysChem 12(14), 2558–2560 (2011). 
DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201100506

Poster: Single Alkaline (Li+, Na+) Ion Conducting Polyelectrolytes for Battery Applications: Solvation and Dissociation Issues

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