Publications 2021

Non-unitary Quantum Electronics: Novel Functions from the Edge of the Quantum World

J. Mannhart, H. Boschker, and P. Bredol
Nano Ex. 2, 014008 (2021)

Thermal Laser Evaporation of Elements from Across the Periodic Table
T.J. Smart, J. Mannhart, and W. Braun
published online in  J. Laser Appl. 33, 022008 (2021)

Determination of the Phase Coherence Length of PdCoO2 Nanostructures by Conductance Fluctuation Analysis

T. Harada, P. Bredol, H. Inoue, S. Ito, J. Mannhart, and A. Tsukazaki

Phys. Rev. B 103, 045123 (2021)

Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy at High-Temperatures

P. Ngabonziza, Y. Wang, P. A. van Aken, J. Maier, and J. Mannhart

Advances Materials 2007299 (2021)

Nonreciprocity of the Wave-packet Scattering Delay in Ballistic Two-Terminal Devices
P. Bredol
Phys. Rev. B 103, 035404 (2021)

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