MPI-FKF at Lindau Noble Laureate Meeting

July 15, 2022

From June 26 to July 1, 2022, the 71st Lindau Noble Laureate meetings took place at the Bodensee. For a week the focus was set on Chemistry.

Dr. Hanna Boström, a postdoctoral researcher at the Nanochemsitry Department was selected as one of ca. 500 early career scientist, mostly master or doctoral students as well as post docs. Embedded in an exciting atmosphere they were enjoying a stimulating program including face-to-face meetings with noble laureates, scientific talks and discussions about science and its role in society.

On the final day July 1, participants, noble laureates and a selected group or representatives from Baden-Württemberg research organizations boarded a ship and cruised Bodensee. Confined in the ferry the institutions had the chance to introduce their research fields to the next talents in chemistry and giving in particular early career scientists the possibility to ask for open positions. Dr. Simon Krause, group leader in the Nanochemistry Department, represented the MPI-FKF and was met with many vivid discussions and interest in the institute from both the participants and other guests of honor such as state secretary Andrea Lindlohr (Fig. 1). Discussion ranged from challenges in academia, the role of science in society and of course the research conducted at the MPI-FKF.

Together with our partners from the University of Stuttgart the CRC1333 research consortium was represented in which Dr. Krause and Prof. Dr. Lotsch are researching – seemingly exciting the most recent chemistry laureate Prof. Dr. Benjamin List from MPI für Kohlenforschung (Fig. 2).

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