Research Tools

Driving experimental techniques to their limits is the key to success of our research. We have pioneered variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to probe diffusion, nucleation and growth on the atomic scale and were among the first to build low-temperature microscopes. Recent developments include:

  • a microscope operating down to 10 mK with proven record resolution enabling Josephson tunneling at the atomic scale,
  • monitoring charge carrier dynamics at atomic length scales and ultimate time-resolution by STM induced luminescence and field controlled attosecond technology,
  • a novel electrospray based deposition technique for nonvolatile compounds which opens up many new frontiers in nanoscale science,
  • imaging of individual (bio)molecules at ultimate spatial resolution by using NV spin sensing and by low energy electron holography.
Noise-Free Labs, Ultra-Low Vibration Levels, Subatomic Precision, Ultimate Energy Resolution [more]
STM, Millikelvin Temperatures, Quantum Magnetism, Superconductivity, Josephson Junctions, Zeeman Splitting [more]
STM, Attosecond-Picometer Resolution, Ultrashort Laser Pulses, Mid-IR Laser, Sub-Cycle Precision, Electron Dynamics [more]
STM, Charge Carrier Dynamics, Excitons, Plasmons, Molecular Photonics, Single Photon Source, Picosecond-Picometer Resolution [more]
STM, Electron Spin Resonance, Single Spins, Quantum Control, Picometer Spatial Resolution, Sub-neV Energy Resolution [more]
Nitrogen-Vacancy in Diamond, Single Spin Detection, ESR, NMR, Magnetic Properties, Single Molecule Imaging, Quantum Technology and Control [more]
Single Molecule Imaging, Molecular Dynamics, Sub-nm Resolution, Millisecond Time Resolution, Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition [more]
E-Beam Lithography, Focused Ion Beam, Micromechanical Transfer, Self-Assembly [more]
Magnetoresistance, Electric Field-Effect, Spin Transport, Scanning Photocurrent Microscopy [more]
Molecular Ion Beam, Soft Landing, Reactive Landing, Nonvolatile Molecules in UHV, (Bio)molecules, Mass Spectrometry [more]
Energy Landscape Theory, Global Optimization, Molecular Dynamics, ab initio Calculations [more]
Surface Structure and Morphology, Chemical Composition, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Dielectric Constants, Mass Spectrometry [more]
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