Quantum Transport

Our quantum transport experiments focus on the generation and manipulation of spin-polarized currents (spin valve devices) and electron/hole pairs (photovoltaic devices and photodetectors). Individual nanosheets provided with e-beam lithographically defined metal contacts are routinely investigated by DC probe or AC measurements (or a combination thereof). These experiments are performed using a back gate or top gate configuration, within  a temperature range of between 300 mK and room temperature, and under externally applied magnetic fields of up to 15 T.

In addition, we use a confocal laser microscope (laser spot size  500 nm) to probe the local photocurrent response of different nanostructures as a function of gate voltage, laser energy, and light polarization (linearly or circularly polarized). Moreover, there is the option to perform the photocurrent measurements (λexc = 530 nm) at low temperatures (< 1 K) and under applied magnetic field (up to 15 Tesla).

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