Solid State Quantum Electronics

Solid State Quantum Electronics

Tunnel Spectroscopy of Superconducting Oxide Interfaces

Locally Enhanced Conductivity Due to Tetragonal Domain Structure in LAO-STO Heterointerfaces

LAO Stoichiometry Key to Electron Liquid Formation at LAO-STO Interfaces

Thermoelectronic Energy Conversion

Systematic Preparation of Solids Using Vapor Deposition Techniques

Multiferroic Thin Films and Heterostructures

Induced by quantum mechanical phenomena, heterostructures grown from complex materials offer a fascinating potential to create novel electron systems. Many have outstanding properties that are not otherwise found in nature. The design, growth, and exploration of such electron systems are at the focus of the department "Solid State Quantum Electronics". Heterostructures are fabricated by building on recent advances made in the quantum engineering of novel materials, using advanced epitaxial growth techniques to deposit complex compounds with atomic-layer precision. Our experimental and theoretical efforts are interwoven with the other departments at the Institute. The goal of our research is to unravel the physics underlying artificial electron systems generated by interfaces and superlattice-type structures, to design and realize new ones, and to understand their potential for novel nanoscale devices that use the stunning effects of the quantum world to surpass the limits of today's electronics.

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