Laser-light for Advanced Film Deposition


Artistic representation of the growth of a heterostructure consisting of three binary oxide layers by thermal laser epitaxy.

The video was produced by Nymus 3D.

State of the Art, Trends, and Opportunities for Oxide Epitaxy. F.V.E. Hensling, et al. APL Mater. 12, 040902 (2024) - invited perspective -


Epitaxial Growth of Oxide Films Using Thermal Laser Epitaxy
D. Y. Kim, J. Mannhart, and W. Braun
 High-Temperature Oxide Surface Preparation
M. Jäger, A. Teker, J. Mannhart, and W. Braun
Thermal Laser Epitaxy
W. Braun and J. Mannhart
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