Publications 2024

1054. Toni Hache, Anshu Anshu, Tetyana Shalomayeva, Rainer Stöhr, Klaus Kern, Jörg Wrachtrup, Aparajita Singha
Nanoscale Mapping of Magnetic Auto-oscillations with a single Spin Sensor
submitted (2024) (also: arXiv:2406.15849)

1053. Johannes Seibel, Kelvin Anggara, Martina Delbianco, Stephan Rauschenbach
Scanning Probe Microscopy Characterization of Biomolecules enabled by Mass-Selective, Soft-landing Electrospray Ion Beam Deposition
submitted (2024)

1052. Priscila Vensaus, Yunchang Liang, Nicolas Zigon, Narcis Avarvari, Vladimiro Mujica, Galo J A A Soler-Illia, Magalí Lingenfelder
Hybrid mesoporous electrodes evidence CISS effect on water oxidation
Journal of Chemical Physics 160, 111103 (2024)

1051. Priscila Vensaus, Yunchang Liang, Jean-Philippe Ansermet, Galo J A A Soler-Illia, Magalí Lingenfelder
Enhancement of electrocatalysis through magnetic field effects on mass transport
Nature Communications 15, 3501 (2024)

1050. Jelena Zagorac, Johann Christian Schön, Branko Matovi´, Svetlana Butulija and Dejan Zagorac
Hafnium Carbide: Prediction of Crystalline Structures and Investigation of Mechanical Properties
Crystals, 14(4), 340 (2024)

1049. Alessandra Canetta, Serhii Volosheniuk, Sayooj Satheesh, Jos´e Pedro Alvarinhas Batista, Alo¨ıs Castellano, Riccardo Conte, Daniel G. Chica, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Xavier Roy, Herre S.J. van der Zant, Marko Burghard, Matthieu J. Verstraete and Pascal Gehring
Impact of spin-entropy on the thermoelectric properties of a 2D magnet
submitted (2024) (also: arXiv:2403.08581)

1048. Kenan Elibol, Marko Burghard, Peter A. van Aken
Unlocking novel charge transfer pathways in interconnected nanostructures
submitted (2024)

1047. Priscila Vensaus, Yunchang Liang, Facundo C. Herrera, Galo J.A.A. Soler-Illia, Magalí Lingenfelder
Synergistic enhancement of photo-assisted water splitting by mesoporous TiO2/NiFe LDH composite nanomaterials
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 59, 89–96 (2024)

1046. Fernando P. Cometto, Nicolás Arisnabarreta, Radovan Vanta, Daniela K. Jacquelín, Vijay Vyas, Bettina V. Lotsch, Patricia A. Paredes-Olivera, E. Martín Patrito, and Magalí Lingenfelder
Rational Design of 2D Supramolecular Networks Switchable by External Electric Fields
ACS Nano, 18, 5, 4287–4296 (2024)

1045. Katharina Kaiser, Michelangelo Romeo, Fabrice Scheurer, Guillaume Schull, Anna Rosławska
Gating single-molecule fluorescence with electrons
submitted (2024) (also: arXiv:2403.10410)

1044. M. T. Birch, F. S. Yasin, K. Litzius, L. Powalla, S. Wintz, F. Schulz, M.Weigand, T. Scholz, B. Lotsch, K. Kern, G. Schütz, X. Yu, and M. Burghard
Influence of magnetic sublattice ordering on skyrmion bubble stability in 2D magnet Fe5GeTe2
ACS Nano, 18, 28, 18246–18256 (2024)

1043. Li-Qing Zheng, Abhishek Grewal, Kelvin Anggara, Fábio J. R. Costa, Christopher C. Leon, Klaus Kuhnke, and Klaus Kern
Electronic interaction between metal porphyrins and NaCl revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy at molecular transport gap energies
submitted (2024)

1042. D. Zagorac, J. Zagorac, M. B. Djukic, B. Bal, J. C. Schön
Data-driven discovery and DFT modeling of Fe4H on the atomistic level
Procedia Structural Integrity 54, 446–452 (2024)

1041. Dejan Zagorac, Constantin Buyer, Jelena Zagorac, Tamara Škundrić, J. Christian Schön, Thomas Schleid
Band-Gap Engineering and Unusual Behavior of Electronic Properties during Anion Substitution of Sulfur in LaFSe
Cryst. Growth Des. 24, 1648−1657 (2024)

1040. Yang Luo, Frank Neubrech, Alberto Martin-Jimenez, Na Liu, Klaus Kern, Manish Garg
Real-time tracking of coherent oscillations of electrons in a nanodevice by photo-assisted tunnelling
Nature Communications 15, 1316 (2024)

1039. Anna Rosławska, Katharina Kaiser, Michelangelo Romeo, Eloïse Devaux, Fabrice Scheurer, Stéphane Berciaud, Tomáš Neuman, Guillaume Schull
Submolecular-scale control of phototautomerization
Nature Nanotech.(2024)

1038. Katharina Kaiser, Anna Rosławska, Michelangelo Romeo, Fabrice Scheurer, Tomáš Neuman, Guillaume Schull
Electrically driven cascaded photon-emission in a single molecule
submitted (2024) (also: arXiv:2402.17536)

1037. Raffi Budakian, Amit Finkler, Alexander Eichler, Martino Poggio, Christian L. Degen, Sahand Tabatabaei, Inhee Lee, P. Chris Hammel, Eugene S. Polzik, Tim H. Taminiau, Ronald L. Walsworth, Paz London, Ania Bleszynski Jayich, Ashok Ajoy, Arjun Pillai, Jörg Wrachtrup, Fedor Jelezko, Yujeong Bae, Andreas J. Heinrich, Christian R. Ast, Patrice Bertet, Paola Cappellaro, Cristian Bonato, Yoann Altmann, and Erik Gauger
Roadmap on Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging
submitted (2024) (also: arXiv:2312.08841)

1036. Abhishek Grewal, Christopher C. Leon, Klaus Kuhnke, Klaus Kern, and Olle Gunnarsson
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy for Molecules: Effects of Electron Propagation into Vacuum
ACS Nano 2024, 18, 19, 12158–12167 (2024)

1035. Xuejiao Zhang, Vesna Srot, Xu Wu, Klaus Kern, Peter A. van Aken, and Kelvin Anggara
Controlled formation of nanoribbons and their heterostructures via assembly of mass-selected inorganic ions
Adv. Mater 23, 2310817 (2024)

1034. C.R. Ast, P. Kot, M. Ismail, S. de-la-Peña, A.I. Fernández-Domínguez, and J. C. Cuevas
Theory of Electron Spin Resonance in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
submitted (2024)

1033. H. Huang, J.C. Schön, and C.R. Ast
Surface reconstruction induced anisotropic energy landscape of bismuth monomers and dimers on the Si(001) surface
submitted (2024) (also: arXiv:2309.03098)

1032. S. Karan, H. Huang, A. Ivanovic, C. Padurariu, B. Kubala, K. Kern, J. Ankerhold, and C.R. Ast
Tracking a Spin-Polarized Superconducting Bound State across a Quantum Phase Transition
Nature Commun. 15, 459 (2024)

1031. Bong Gyu Shin, Ji-Hoon Park, Jing Kong, and Soon Jung Jung
Characterizing critical behavior and band tails on the metal-insulator transition in structurally disordered 2D semiconductors: Autocorrelation and multifractal analysis
Phys. Rev. Res., accepted (2024)

1030. Jz-Yuan Juo, Klaus Kern, and Soon Jung Jung
Investigation of Interface Interactions between Monolayer MoS2 and Metals: Implications on Strain and Surface Roughness
Langmuir, 40 1277-1285 (2024)

1029. Max T. Birch, Lukas Powalla, Kai Litzius, Vanessa Nehruji, Ondrej Hovorka, Sebastian Wintz, Frank Schulz, Daniel A. Mayoh, Geetha Balakrishnan, Markus Weigand, Klaus Kern, Marko Burghard, and Gisela Schütz
Controlling stripe, skyrmion and skyrmionium formation in the 2D magnet Fe3−xGeTe2 by composition
2D Mater. 11, 025008 (2024)

1028. Abhishek Grewal, Hiroshi Imada, Kuniyuki Miwa, Miyabi Imai-Imada, Kensuke Kimura, Rafael Jaculbia, Klaus Kuhnke, Klaus Kern, and Yousoo Kim
Single-molecule phosphorescence and intersystem crossing in a coupled exciton-plasmon system
submitted (2024)


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