Materials with strongly correlated quantum particles are at the forefront of present solid state research. Understanding the experimental properties of novel quantum materials crucially relies on the application of cutting-edge analytical and numerical tools.

This workshop aims at bringing together world-leading experts in both analytical and numerical theory to advance the current perspective on important questions of the field: What are the signatures of quantum order in newly synthesized experimental setups? Which aspects of quantum materials can be described on the model level? What are the computational and algorithmic boundaries hindering the solution of the many-body problem? What is the nature of phase transitions between these novel states of matter?

We gratefully acknowledge support by ICAM.

This workshop will be held online. Please register and we will send you a zoom link prior to the beginning of the conference.


Sessions and confirmed keynote speakers
  • Numerical approaches to quantum materials:
    Prof. Antoine Georges
    (Center for Computational Quantum Physics, Flatiron Institute and Collège de France)
  • Quantum criticality and emergence:
    Prof. Jörg Schmalian (Institute for Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)
  • Strong correlations at low dimensionality:
    Prof. Karsten Held (Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien)
  • Fractionalization and novel quantum order:
    Prof. Piers Coleman (Rutgers University and Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Signatures of correlations in dynamical response functions:
    Prof. Alessandro Toschi (Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien)
  • Tackling the multiorbital problem:
    Prof. Roser Valentí (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Goethe University Frankfurt)

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