Measurement and Testing Lab

Our laboratories are equipped with different characterization techniques to provide fast and reliable information about the quality of thin films and heterostructures, including Atomic Force Microscope for analysis of surface morphology and surface roughness, X-ray diffractometer to characterize the crystal structure and the interfaces quality, profilometer to measure thin films thickness and different express set-ups to measure resistivity, mutual inductance in range from room temperature (300K) down to liquid Helium temperature (4.2K). In additional thermoelectric power can be measured in thin films and bulk samples in temperature interval from -120°C till high temperature (800°C) in different gas flow atmosphere and optical cryostat with Halogen lamp can be used to measure the influence of a photodoping on the transport properties of different complex oxides thin films and heterostructures.

• Atomic Force Microscope for roughness measurements

• X-Ray Diffractometer

• Resistance and ac susceptibility motorized measurements set-up

• Thermoelectric properties

• Photo-induced transport properties

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