Annual Reports


Year Title
2013 X-ray Powder Diffraction meets the Thermosalient Effect – the Jumping Crystals
2012 Reconstruction of electron density by the Maximum Entropy Method from X-ray powder diffraction data based on incomplete crystal structure models: a case study of apatites with different intercalated metal atoms
2011 Symmetry mode based parametric Rietveld refinement of the structural phase transition of CuInSe 2
2010 The maximum entropy method and charge flipping, a powerful combination to visualize the true nature of structural disorder from in situ X-ray powder diffraction data
2009 Direct access to the order parameter: Parameterized symmetry modes and rigid body movements as a function of temperature
2008 The high-pressure crystal structure of the NLO compound BiB 3 O 6 from 2D powder diffraction data
2007 The crystal structure determination of Mg 3 (OH) 5 Cl-4H 2 0 (F5-phase) from laboratory powder diffraction data and its impact to the analysis of problematic magnesia floors
2006 Two-dimensional powder diffraction
2005 Chloratinite, a volcanic exhalation product also found in industrial magnesia screed
2004 The effect of crystal packing on the structures of polymeric metallocenes
2003 Crystal and molecular structures of alkali oxalates - first proof of a staggered oxalate anion in the solid state
2002 Bulk moduli and high-pressure crystal structures of the mixed valent compound Pb 3 O 4 determined by X-ray powder diffraction
2001 Lattice expansion does not explain the T c increase in chloroform- and bromofrom-intercalated C 60
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