Submitted Papers

Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Dirk Manske, and Naoto Nagoasa
Ultrafast excitation and topological soliton formation in incommensurate charge density wave states
arXiv: 2109.09895
Date: 21 Sep 2021

Hao Chu, Sergey Kovalev, Zi Xiao Wang, Lukas Schwarz, Tao Dong, Liwen Feng, Rafael Haenel, Min-Jae Kim, Parmida Shabestrari, Hoang Le Phuong, Kedar Honasoge, Robert David Dawson, Daniel Putzky, Gideok Kim, Matteo Puviani, Min Chen, Nilesh Awari, Alexey N. Ponomaryov, Igor Ilyakov, Martin Blushke, Fabio Boshini, Marta Zonno, Sergey Zhdanovich, Mengxing Na, Georg Christiani, Gennady Logvenov, David J. Jones, Andrea Damascelli, Matteo Minola, Bernhard Keimer, Dirk Manske, Nalin Wang, Jan-Christoph Deinert, Stefan Kaiser
Fano interference of the Higgs mode in cuprate high-Tc superconductors
arXiv: 2109.09971
Date: 21 Sep 2021

Elio J. König, Yashar Komijani, and Piers Coleman
Triplet resonating valence bond theory and transition metal chalcogenides
arXiv: 2109.03851
Date: 8 Sep 2021


Andreas Leonhardt, Moritz M. Hirschmann, Niclas Heinsdorf, Xianxin Wu, Douglas H. Fabini, and Andreas P. Schnyder
Symmetry-enforced topological band crossings in orthorhombic crystals: Classification and materials discovery
arXiv: 2108.05375
Date: 11 Aug 2021



Michael A. Rampp, Elio J. König, and Jörg Schmalian
Topological enhancement of superconductivity
arXiv: 2108.05360
Date: 11 Aug 2021



Johannes Mitscherling and Walter Metzner
Non-Hermitian band topology from momentum-dependent relaxation in two-dimensional metals with sprial magnetism
arXiv: 2107.13002
Date: 27 Jul 2021

Nico Huber, Kirill Alpin, Crace L. Causer, Lukas Worch, Andreas Bauer, Georg Benka, Moritz M. Hirschmann, Andras P. Schnyder, Christian Pfleiderer, and Marc A. Wilde
Network of topological nodal planes, multifold degeneracies, and Weyl points in CoSi
arXiv: 2107.02820
Date: 6 Jul 2021

Lukas Schwarz, Rafael Haenel, and Dirk Manske
Phase signatures in third-harmonic response of Higgs and coexisting modes superconductors
arXiv: 2107.01445
Date: 3 Jul 2021



Lukas Powalla, Jonas Kiemle, Elio J. König, Andreas P. Schnyder, Johann Knolle, Klaus Kern, Alexander Holleitner, Christoph Kastl, and Marko Burghard
Berry curvature-induced local spin polorisation in gated graphene/WTe2 heterostructures
arXiv: 2106.15509
Date: 29 Jun 2021



Elio J. König, Piers Coleman, and Yashhar Komijani
Frustrated Kondo impurity triangle: a simple model of deconfinement
arXiv: 2002.12338
Date: 25 Jun 2021



W. B. Rui, Zhen Zheng, Moritz M. Hirschmann, Song-Bo Zhang, Chenjie Wang, and Z. D. Wang
Intertwined Weyl phases: higher-order topology meets unconventional Weyl fermions via crystalline symmetry
arXiv: 2105.08443
Date: 18 May 2021



Jáchym Sýkora and Walter Metzner
Fluctuation effects at the onset of 2kF density wave order with two pairs of hot spots in two-dimensional metals
arXiv: 2104.11382
Date: 21 Apr 2021



Rafael Haenel, Paul Froese, Dirk Manske, Lukas Schwarz
Time-resolved optical conductivity and Higgs oscillations in two-band dirty superconductors
arXiv: 2012.07674
Date: 14 Dec 2020



M. Puviani, A. Baum, S. Ono, Y. Ando, R. Hackl, and D. Manske
Enhanced A1g Raman response in cuprates due to Higgs oscillations
arXiv: 2012.01922
Date: 3 Dec 2020



Xianxin Wu, Kun Jiang, Domenico Di Sante, Werner Hanke, A. P. Schnyder, Jiangping Hu, and Ronny Thomale
Surface s-wave superconductivity for oxide-terminated infinite-layer nickelates
arXiv: 2008.06009
Date: 30 Aug 2020



Andreas P. Schnyder
Topological Semimetals
Date: 29 Jun 2020



Niels B. M. Schröter, Inigo Robredo, Sebastian Klemenz, Robert J. Kirby, Jonas A. Krieger, Ding Pei, Tianlun Yu, Samuel Stolz, Thorsten Schmitt, Pavel Dudin, Timur K. Kim, Cephise Cacho, Andreas P. Schnyder, Aitor Bergara, Vladimir N. Strocov, Fernando de Juan, Maia G. Verginory, Leslie m. Schoop
Weyl-fermions, Fermi-arcs, and minority-spin carriers in ferromagnetic CoS2
arXiv: 2006.01557
Date: 2 Jun 2020



Guang-Qi Zhao, W. B. Rui, C. M. Wang, Hai-Zhou Lu, and X C. Xie
Quantized Hall conductance in 3D topological nodal-line semimetals without chiral symmetry
arXiv: 2004.01386
Date: 3 Apr 2020


C.-K. Chiu, Y.-H. Chan, A. P. Schnyder
Quantized Berry Phase and Surface States under Reflection Symmetry or Space-Time Inversion Symmetry
arXiv: 1810.04094
Date: 9 Oct 2018



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