Publications 2021

Pietro Maria Bonetti, Andrea Rucci, Maria Luisa Chiofalo, and Vladan Vuletic
Quantum effects in the Aubry transition
arXiv: 2008.12699
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 013031 (2021)

Victor Drouin-Touchette, Elio König, Yshar Komijani, and Piers Coleman
Emergent moments in a Hund's impurity
arXiv: 2101.10332
Phys. Rev. B 103, 205147 (2021)

N. Dupuis, L. Canet, A. Eichhorn, W. Metzner, J. M. Pawlowski, M. Tissier, N. Wschebor
The nonperturbative functional renormaliztion group and its applications
arXiv: 2006.04853
Phys. Reports 910, 1-114 (2021)

Rafael Haenel, Paul Froese, Dirk Manske, and Lukas Schwarz
Time-resolved optical conductivity and Higgs oscillations in two-band dirty superconductors
arXiv: 2012.07674
Phys. Rev. B 104, 13504 (2021)

Moritz M. Hirschmann, Andreas Leonhardt, Berkay Kilic, Douglas H. Fabini, and Andreas P. Schnyder
Symmetry-enforced band crossings in tetragonal materials: Dirac and Weyl degeneracies on points, lines, and planes
arXiv: 2102.04134
Phys. Rev. Materials 5, 054202 (2021)

Peter Horsch, Andrzej M. Oles, and Adolfo Avella
Orbital rotations induced by charges of polarons and defects in doped vanadates
arXiv: 2012.11919
Phys. Rev. B 103, 035129 (2021)

Satoshi Ikegaya, Jaechul Lee, AndreasP. Schnyder, and Yasuhiro Asano
Strong anomalous proximity effect from spin-singlet superconductors
arXiv: 2104.04246
Phys. Rev. B 104, L020501 (2021)

S. Ikegaya, W. B. Rui, D. Manske, and Andreas P. Schnyder
Tunable Majorana corner modes in noncentrosymmetric superconductors: Tunneling spectroscopy and edge imperfections
arXiv: 2012.00691
Phys. Rev. B 3, 023007 (2021)

Satoshi Ikegaya, Shu-Ichiro Suzuki, Yukio Tanaka, and Dirk Manske
Proposal for indentifying possible even-parity superconducting states in Sr2RuO4 using planar tunneling spectroscopy
arXiv: 2106.09413
Phys. Rev. Research 3, L032062 (2021)

Berthold Jäck, Fabian Zinser, Elio J. König, Sune N. P. Wissing, Anke B. Schmidt, Markus Donath, Klaus Kern, and Christian R. Ast
Visualizing the multifractal wave functions of a disordered two-dimensional electron gas
arXiv: 2010.07554
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 013022 (2021)

Adam Klosinski, Andrzej M. Oles, Clio Efthimia Agrapidis, Jasper van Wezel, and Krzysztof Wohlfeld
Chalcogenic orbital density waves in the weak- and strong-coupling limit
arXiv: 2103.05925
Phys. Rev. B 103, 235123 (2021)

E. J. König, P. Coleman, and Y. Komijani
Frustrated Kondo impurity triangle: A simple model of deconfinement
arXiv: 2002.12338
Phys. Rev. B 104, 115103 (2021)

Elio J. König, Alex Levchenko
Quantum kintecs of anomalous and nonlinear hall effects in topological semimetals
arXiv: 2102.05675
Annals of Physics, 168492 (2021)

E. J. König, I. V. Protopopov, A. Levchenko. I. V. Gornyi, and A. D. Mirlin
Resistance of two-dimensional superconducting films
arXiv: 2106.05980
Phys. Rev. B 104, L100507 (2021)

Jaechul Lee, Satoshi Ikegaya, and Yasuhiro Asano
Odd-parity pairing correlations in a d-wave superconductors
arXiv: 2011.10256
Phys. Rev. B 103, 104509 (2021)

Andreas Leonhardt, Moritz M. Hirschmann, Niclas Heinsdorf, Xianxin Wu, Douglas H. Fabini, and Andreas P. Schnyder
Symmetry-enforced topological band crossings in orthohombic crystals: Classification and materials discovery
arXiv: 2108.05375
Phys. Rev. Mat. 5, 124202 (2021)

O. Maistrenko, C. Autieri, G. Livanas, P. Gentile, A. Romano, C. Noce, D. Manske, and M. Cuoco
Inverse proximity effects at spin-triplet superconductor-ferromagnet interface
arXiv: 2101.03611
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033008 (2021)

Oleksii Maistrenko, Benedikt Scharf, Dirk Manske, and Ewelina M. Hankiewicz
Planar Josephson Hall effect in topological Josephson junctions
arXiv: 2003.05414
Phys. Rev. B 103, 054508 (2021)

Johannes Mitscherling and Walter Metzner
Non-Hermitian band topology from momentum-dependent relaxation in two-dimensional metals with spiral magnetism
arXiv: 2107.13002
Phys. Rev. B 104, L201107 (2021)

Mohamed Oudah, Minu Kim, Ksenia S. Rabinovich, Kateryna Foyevtsova, Graham McNally, Berkay Kilic, Kathrin Küster, Robert Green, Alexander V. Boris, George Sawatzky, Andreas P. Schnyder, D. A. Bonn, Berhard Keimer, and Hidenori Takagi
Electronic structure of the bond disproportionated bismuthate Ag2BiO3
arXiv: 2106.09075
Phys. Rev. Materials 5, 064202 (2021)

Przemyslaw Piekarz, Dominik Legut, Edoardo Baldini, Carina A. Belvin, Tomasz Kolodziej, Wojciech Tabis, Andrzej Kozlowski, Zbigniew Kakol, Zbigniew Tarnawski, José Lorenzana, Nuh Gedik, Andrzej M. Oles, Jürgen M. Honig, and Kryzyztof Parlinski
Trimeron-phonon coupling in magnetite
arXiv: 2010.11564
Phys. Rev. B 103, 104303 ( 2021)

Tharathep Plienbumrung, Maria Daghofer, and Andrzej M. Oles
Interplay between Zhang-Rice singlets and high-spin in a model for doped NiO2 planes
arXiv: 2103.03737
Phys. Rev. B 103, 104513 (2021)

Tharathep Plienbumrung, Michael Thobias Schmid, Maria Daghofer, and Andrzej M. Oles
Character of doped holes in Nd1-xSrxNiO2
arXiv: 2107.14148
Condens. Matter 6, 33 (2021)

Andrzej Ptok, Konrad J. Kapcia, Pawel T. Jochym, Jan Lazewski, Andrzej M. Oles, and Przemyslaw Piekarz
Electronic and dynamical properties of CeRh2As2: Role of Rh2As2 layers and expected orbital order
arXiv: 2102.02735
Phys. Rev. B 104, L041109 (2021)

Andrzej Ptok, Aksel Kobialka, Malgorzata Sternik, Jan Lazewsi, Pawel T. Jochym, Andrzej M. Oles, Avetoslav Stankov, and Przemyslaw Piekarz
Chiral phonons in the honeycomb sublattice of layered CoSn-like compounds
Phys. Rev. B 104, 054305 (2021)

M. Puviani, A. Baum, S. Ono, Y. Ando, R. Hackl, and D. Manske
Calculation of an Enhanced A1g Symmetry Mode Induced by Higgs Oscillations in the Raman Spectrum of High-Temperature Cuprate Superconductors
arXiv: 2012.01922
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 197001 (2021)

W. B. Rui, Song-Bo Zhang, Moritz M. Hirschmann, Zhen Zheng, Andreas P. Schnyder, Björn Trauzettel, and Z. D. Wang
Higher-order Weyl superconductors with anisotropic Weyl-point connectivity
arXiv: 2009.11419
Phys. Rev. B 103, 184510 (2021)

Lukas Schwarz, Rafael Haenel, and Dirk Manske
Phase signatures in the third-harmonic response of Higgs and coexisting modes in superconductors
arXiv: 2107.01445
Phys. Rev. B 104, 174508 (2021)

Lukas Schwarz, Stefan Kaiser, Dirk Manske
Higgs-Bosonen im Supraleiter
Phys. Unserer Zeit 2, 80 (2021)

Yanpeng Song, Tianping Ying, Xu Chen, Xu Han, Yuan Huang, Xianxin Wu, Andreas P. Schnyder, Jian-Gang Guo, Xiaolong Chen
Competition of superconductivity and charge density wave in selective oxidized CsV3Sb5 thin flakes
arXiv: 2105.09898
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 237001 (2021)

Jáchym Sýkora and Walter Metzner
Fluctuation effects at the onset of 2kF density wave order with two pairs of hot spots in two-dimensional metals
arXiv: 2104.11382
Phys. Rev. B 104, 125123 (2021

Marc A. Wilde, Matthias Dodenhöft, Arthur Niedermayr, Andreas Bauer, Moritz M. Hirschmann, Kirill Alpin, Andreas P. Schnyder & Christian Pfleiderer
Symmetry-enforced topological nodal planes at the Fermi surface of a chiral magnet
arXiv: 2107.02818
Nature 594, 374 (2021)

Xianxin Wu, Tilman Schwemmer, Tobias Müller, Armando Consiglio, Giorgio Sangiovanni, Deomenico Di Sante, Yasir Iqbal, Werner Hanke, Andreas P. Schnyder, M. Michael Denner, Mark H. Fischer, Titus Neupert, and Ronny Thomale
Nature of unconventional pairing in the kagome superdonductors AV3Sb5
arXiv: 2104.05671
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 177001 (2021)

Yuxin Yang, Wenhui Fan, Qinghua Zhang, Zhaoxu Chen, Xu Chen, Tianping Ying, Yianxin Qu, Xiaofan Yang, Fanqi Meng, Gang Li,Shiyan Li, Lin Gu, Tian Qian, Andreas P. Schnyder, Jian-gang Guo, and Xiaolong Chen
Discovery of Two Families of VSb-Based Compounds with V-Kagome Lattice
arXiv: 2110.11311
Chin. Phys. Lett. 38, 127102 (2021)

Zhesen Yang, A. P. Schnyder, Jiangping Hu, and Ching-Kai Chiu
Fermion doupling theorems in 2D non-Hermitian systems for Fermi points and exceptional points
arXiv: 1912.02788
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 086401 (2021)

Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Dirk Manske, and Naoto Nagoasa
Ultrafast excitation and topological soliton formation in incommensurate charge density wave states
arXiv: 2109.09895
Phys. Rev. B 104, 125132 (2021)

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