Publications 2013

Alireza Akbari, Andreas P. Schnyder, Dirk Manske, and Ilya Eremin
Theory of nonequilibrium dynamics of multiband superconductors
EPL 101, 17002 (2013)

Adolfo Avella, Peter Horsch, and Andrzej M. Oles
Defect states and excitations in a Mott insulator with orbital degrees of freedom: Mott-Hubbard gap versus optical and transport gaps in doped systems
Phys. Rev. B 87, 045132 (2013)

Johannes Bauer, Jong E. Han, and Olle Gunnarsson
Retardation effects and the Coulomb pseudopotential in the theory of superconductivity

arXiv: 1212.2975
Phys. Rev. B 87, 054507 (2013)

Johannes Bauer, Jose I. Pascual, and Katharina J. Franke
Microscopic resolution of the interplay of Kondo screening and superconducting pairing: Mn-phthalocyanine molecules adsorbed on superconducting Pb(111)
arXiv: 1208.3211
Phys. Rev. B 87, 075125 (2013)

H. M. Benia, A. Yaresko, A. P. Schnyder, J. Henk, C. T. Lin, K. Kern, and C. R. Ast
Origin of Rashba splitting in the quantized subbands ot the Bi2Se3 surface
Phys. Rev. B 88, 081103 (2013)

Krzyszof Bieniasz, Andrzej M. Oles
Exact spectral function for hole-magnon coupling in a ferromagnetic CuO3-like chain
arXiv: 1309.5054
Phys. Rev. B 88, 115132 (2013)

P. K. Biswas, H. Luetkens, T. Neupert, T. Stürzer, C. Baines, G. Pascua, A. P. Schnyder, M. H. Fischer, J. Goryo, M. R. Lees, H. Maeter, F. Brückner, H.-H. Klauss, M. Nicklas, P. J. Baer, A. D. Hilier, M. Sigrist, A. Amato, and D. Johrendt
Evidence for superconductivity with broken time-reversal symmetry in locally noncentrosymmetric SrPtAs
arXiv: 1212.2441
Phys. Rev. B 87, 180503 (2013)

U. Briskot, I. A. Dmitriev, and A. D. Mirlin
Quantum magneto-oscillations in the ac conductivity of disordered graphene
arXiv: 1302.7246
Phys Rev. B 87, 195432 (2013)

P. M. R. Brydon, Carsten Timm and Andreas Schnyder
Interface currents in topological superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures
arXiv: 1302.3714
New J. Phys. 15, 045019 (2013)

P. M. r. Brydon, Wei Chen, Yasuhiro Asano, and Dirk Manske
Charge and spin supercurrents in triplet superconductor-ferromagnet-singlet superconductor Josephson junctions
arXiv: 1305.0211
Phys. Rev. B 88, 054509 (2013)

Wojciech Brzezicki, Jacek Dziarmaga, Andrzej M. Oles
Exotic spin orders driven by orbital fluctuations in the Kugel-Khomskii model
Phys. Rev. B 87, 064407 (2013)

Wojciech Brzezicki,, Andrzej M. Oles
Symmetry properties and spectra of the two-dimensional quantum compass model
Phys. Rev. B 87, 214421 (2013)

Wei Chen, Peter Horsch, and Dirk Manske
Flux quantization due to monopole and dipole currents
Phys. Rev. B 87, 214502 (2013)

Wei Chen and Oleg P. Sushkov
Implications of resonant inelastic x-ray scattering data for theoretical models of cuprates
arXiv: 1308.0987
Phys. Rev. B 88, 184501 (2013)

I. A. Dmitriev, M. Khodas, A. D. Mirlin, and D. G. Polyakov
Emergence of Domains and Nonlinear Transport in the Zero-Resistance State
arXiv: 1305.1028
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 206801 (2013)

Andreas Eberlein and Walter Metzner
Effective interactions and fluctuation effects in spin-singlet superfluids
Phys. Rev. B 87, 174523 (2013)

Paolo Gentile, Mario Cuoco, Alfonso Romano, Canio Noce, Dirk Manske, and P. M. R. Brydon
Spin-Orbital Coupling in a Triplet Superconductor-Ferromagnet Junction
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 097003 (2013)

Moritz Hoesch, Przemyslaw Piekarz, Alexey Bosak, Mathieu Le Tacon, Michael Krisch, Andrzej Kozlowski, Andrzej M. Oles, and Krzysztof Parlinski
Anharmonicity due to Electron-Phonon Coupling in Magnetite
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 207204 (2013)

Johannes S. Hofmann, Raquel Queizroz, and Andreas P. Schnyder
Theory of quasiparticle scattering interference on the surface of topological superconductors
arXiv: 1307:7873
Phys. Rev. B 88, 134505 (2013)

Michael Holt, Jaan Oitmaa, Wei Chen, and Oleg P. Sushkov
Fermi surface reconstruction by dynamic magnetic fluctuations and spin-charge separation near an O3 quantum critical point
arXiv: 1209.6051
Phys. Rev. B. 87, 075109 (2013)

M. Kinza, J. Ortloff, J. Bauer, and C. Honerkamp
Alternative functional renormalization group approach to the single impurity Anderson model
arXiv: 1210.0763
Phys. Rev. B 87, 035111 (2013)

E. J. König, P. M. Ostrovsky, I. v. Protopopov, I. v. Gornyi, I. S. Burmistrov, and A. d. Mirlin
Interaction and disorder effects in three-dimensional topological insulator thin films
arXiv: 1305.2820
Phys. Rev. B. 88, 035106 (2013)

Shunji Matsuura, Po-Yao Chang, Andreas P. Schnyder and Shinsei Ryu
Protected boundary states in gapless topological phases
arXiv: 1212.2673
New J. Phys. 15, 065001 (2013)

Mirco Milletari and Bernd Rosenow
Shot-Noise Signatures of Charge Fractionalization in the v = 2 Quantum Hall edge
arXiv: 1207:1719
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 136807 (2013)

B. Obert, C. Husemann, and W. Metzner
Low-energy singularities in the ground state of fermionic superfluids
arXiv: 1308.2546
Phys. Rev. B 88, 144508 (2013)

Akira Oguri, Yoichi Tanaka, and Johannes Bauer
Interplay between Kondo and Andreev-Josephson effects in a quantum dot coupled to one normal and two superconducting leads
arXiv: 1210.3260
Phys. Rev. B 87, 075432 (2013)

Andrzej M. Oles
Spin-Orbital Entangled States in Transition Metal Oxides
In: New Materials for Thermoelectric Applications: Theory and Experiment, Eds. Veljko Zlatic, Alex Hewson, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg; 219 - 245 (2013)

P. Ostrovsky, Tomoyuki Nakayama, K. A. Muttalib and P. Wölfle
Scale-dependent correction to the dynamical conductivity of a disordered system at unitary symmetry
arXiv: 1212.3218
New J. Phys. 15, 055010 (2013)

Krzysztof Rosciszewski and Andrzej M. Oles
A possibility of high spin hole states in doped CoO2 layered systems
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25, 345601 (2013)

Andreas Schnyder, Carsten Timm and P. M. R. Brydon
Edge Currents as a Signature of Flatbands in Topological Superconductors
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 077001 (2013)

M. Schütt, P. M. Ostrovsky, M. Titov, I. V. Gornyi, B. N. Narozhny, and A. D. Mirlin
Coulomb drag in graphene near the Dirac point
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 026601 (2013)

M. A. Skvortsov, P. M. Ostrovsky, D. A. Ivanov, and Ya. V. Fominov
Superconducting proximity effect in quantum wires without time-reversal symmetry
arXiv: 1211.0202
Phys. Rev. B 87, 104502 (2013)

Damien Terrade, Paola Gentile, Mario Cuoco, and Dirk Manske
Proximity effects in a spin-triplet superconductor-ferromagnet hererostructure with a spin-active interface
arXiv: 1210.5160
Phys. Rev. B 88, 054516 (2013)

M. Titov, R. V. Gorbachev, B. N. Norozhny, T. Tudorovskiy, M. Schütt, P. M. Ostrovsky, I. V. Gornyi, A. D. Mirlin, M. I. Katsnelson, K. S. Novoselov, A. K. Geim, and L. A. Ponomarenko
Giant Magnetodrag in Graphene at Charge Neutrality
arXiv: 1303.6264
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 166601 (2013)

M. Treiber, P. M. Ostrovsky, O. M. Yevtushenko, J. von Delft, and I. V. Lerner
Quantum corrections to the polarizability and dephasing in isolated disordered metals
arXiv: 1304.4342
Phys. Rev. B 88, 024201 (2013)

Fabien Trousselet, Mona Berciu, Andrzej M. Oles, and Peter Horsch
Hidden Quasiparticles and Incoherent Photoemission Spectra in Na2IrO3
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 037205 (2013)

Urszula D. Wdowik, Przemyslaw Piekarz, Krzysztof Parlinski, Andrzej M. Oles, and Jozef Korecki
Strong Effects of Cation Vacancies on the Electronic and Dynamical Properties of FeO
Phys. Rev. B 87, 121106(R) (2013)

Hiroyuki Yamase
Mean-field theory on a coupled system of ferromagnetism and electronic nematic order
Phys. Rev. B 87, 195117 (2013)

Hiroyuki Yamase and Roland Zeyher
Superconductivity from orbital nematic fluctuations
arXiv: 1303.3806
Phys. Rev. B 88, 180502 (2013)

Hiroyuki Yamase, Roland Zeyher
Electronic Raman scattering from orbital nematic fluctuations
Phys. Rev. B 88, 125120 (2013)

R. Zeyher and A. Greco
Self-energy effects in electronic Raman Spectra of doped cuprates due to magnetic fluctuations
Phys. Rev. B 87, 224511 (2013)
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