Publications 2020

V Srot, Y Wang, M Minola, U Salzberger, M Salluzzo, G M De Luca, B Keimer, P A van Aken,
High-resolution Analytical STEM of Defects and Interfaces in Beam-sensitive Ultra-thin Cuprate Films,
Microsc. Microanal., 26(S2), 2972-2973 (2020)

Y E Suyolcu, F Baiutti, Y Wang, W Sigle, G Christiani, G Logvenov, J Maier, P A van Aken,
Atomic-scale Identification of High-temperature Superconductivity at La2CuO4 Interfaces,
Microsc. Microanal., 26(S2), 738-739 (2020)

P Kaya, Y E Suyolcu, F Baiutti, P Yordanov, G Christiani, F Wrobel, E Benckiser, B Keimer, H-U Habermeier, G Gregori, G Logvenov, P A van Aken, J Maier,
Atomic-scale Considerations on LaNiO3-La2CuO4 Heterostructures: Interface—thermoelectricity Relationship,
Microsc. Microanal., 26(S2), 2626-2627 (2020)

M Vittori, V Srot, B Bussmann, F Predel, P A van Aken, J Štrus,
Analysis of Mineralized Matrices in Calcium Bodies with and Without Bacteria in Two Species of Terrestrial Crustaceans,
Microsc. Microanal., 26(S2), 2746-2747 (2020)

Y-M Wu, U Niemann, Y Wang, Y E Suyolcu, M Kim, H Takagi, P A van Aken,
Direct Visualization of Strain-Driven Charge Ordering in LiV2O4,
EMC 2020 Abstracts 105 (2020)

D Negi, D Singh, R Ahuja, P A van Aken,
Unveiling the commensurate and incommensurate charge ordering in CoO,
EMC 2020 Abstracts 163 (2020)

D Negi, D Singh, R Ahuja, P A van Aken,
Spin-entropy induced thermopower and spin-blockade effect in CoO,
EMC 2020 Abstracts 431 (2020)

D Negi, P M Zeiger, L Jones, J-C Idrobo, P A van Aken, J Rusz,
Prospect of detecting the magnetism of a single magnetic impurity using electron magnetic circular dichroism,
EMC 2020 Abstracts 433 (2020)

X Chen, Y Wang, K Hahn, H Wang, P A van Aken,
One–pot synthesis of core/shell Cu/FePt nanocatalysts for efficient oxygen reduction reaction: morphology and structure evolutions,
EMC 2020 Abstracts 591 (2020)

P Ngabonziza, R Merkle, Y Wang, P A van Aken, T S Bjørheim, J Maier, J Mannhart,
2D Doping of Proton Conductors: BaZrO3‐Based Heterostructures,
Advanced Energy Materials 2003267 (2020)

Y Zhang, Y Huang, V Srot, P A. van Aken, J Maier, Y Yu,
Enhanced Pseudo-Capacitive Contributions to High-Performance Sodium Storage in TiO2/C Nanofibers via Double Effects of Sulfur Modification,
Nano-Micro Letters, 12, 165 (2020)

B Arpapay, Suyolcu, G Çorapçıoğlu, P A van Aken, M A Gülgün, U Serincan,
A comparative study on GaSb epilayers grown on nominal and vicinal Si(100) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy,
Semiconductor Science and Technology, 36, 025011 (2020)

H Wang, V Srot, X Jiang, M Yi, Y Wang, H Boschker, R Merkle, R W. Stark, J Mannhart, P A. van Aken,
Probing Charge Accumulation at SrMnO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerfaces via Advanced Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy,
ACS Nano, 14, 10, 12697 (2020)

D Lahr, W Assenmacher, H. Schmid, N Kimizuka, A Kamai, Y. Tanaka, N Miyakawa, W Mader,
In1-xGa1þxO3(ZnO)0.5: Synthesis, structure and cation distribution,
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 288 121341 (2020)

H Wang, V Srot, B Fenk, G Laskin, J Mannhart,P A.van Aken,
An optimized TEM specimen preparation method of quantum nanostructures,
Micron 140 102979 (2020)

R Lingstädt, N Talebi,S Guo, W Sigle, A Campos, M Kociak, M Esmann, S Becker, E Okunishi, M Mukai, C Lienau, P A.van Aken,
Probing plasmonic excitation mechanisms and far-field radiation of single-crystalline gold tapers with electrons,
Philosophical Transactions A 378 20190599 (2020)

S Chen, G Yang, X Zhao, N Wang, T Luo, X Chen, T Wu, S Jiang, P A van Aken, S Qu, T Li, L Du, J Zhang, H Wang, H Wang
Hollow Mesoporous Carbon Spheres for High Performance Symmetrical and Aqueous Zinc-Ion Hybrid Supercapacitor,
Front. Chem., 15 September (2020)

N Wang, G Yang, Y Gan, H Wan, X Chen, C Wang, Q Tan, J Ji, X Zhao, P Liu, J Zhang, X Peng, H Wang, Y Wang, G Ma, P A van Aken, H Wang
Contribution of Cation Addition to MnO2 Nanosheets on Stable Co3O4 Nanowires for Aqueous Zinc-Ion Battery,
Front. Chem., 23 September (2020)

D Putzky, P Radhakrishnan, Y Wang, P Wochner, G Christiani, M Minola, P A van Aken, G Logvenov, E Benckiser, B Keimer
Strain-induced structural transition in DyBa2Cu3O7−x films grown by atomic layer-by-layer molecular beam epitaxy,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 072601 (2020)

V Sridhar, B Park, S Guo, P A van Aken, M Sitti
Multiwavelength-Steerable Visible-Light-Driven Magnetic CoO–TiO2 Microswimmers,
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 24149 (2020)

G Kim, K Son, Y Suyolcu, L Miao, N Schreiber, H Nair, D Putzky, M Minola, G Christiani, P A van Aken, K M Shen, D G Schlom, G Logvenov, B Keimer
Inhomogeneous ferromagnetism mimics signatures of the topological Hall effect in SrRuO3 films,
Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 104410 (2020)

C Wang, Z Song, H wan, X Chen, Q Tan, Y Gan, P Liang, J Zhang, H Wang, Y Wang, X.Peng, P A van Aken, H Wang
Ni-Co selenide nanowires supported on conductive wearable textile as cathode for flexible battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices,
Chemical Engineering Journal 200, 125955 (2020)

Y Li, Y Suyolcu, S Sanna, D Christensen, M L Traulsen, E Stamate, C Pedersen, P A van Aken, J M Lastra, V Esposito, N Pryds
Tuning the resistive switching in tantalum oxide-based memristors by annealing,
AIP Advances 10, 065112(2020)

G Dogan, U T. Sanli, K Hahn, L Müller, H Gruhn, C Silber, G Schütz, C Grevent, K Keskinbora
In Situ X-ray Diffraction and Spectro-Microscopic Study of ALD Protected Copper Films,
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2020)

V Sridhar, B-W Park, S Guo, P. A. van Aken, M Sitti
Multi-wavelength steerable visible light-driven magnetic CoO-TiO2 microswimmers,
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2020)

N Vats,Y Wang, S Sen, S Szilagyi, H Ochner, S Abb, M Burghard, W Sigle, K Kern, P A.van Aken, S Rauschenbach
Substrate-Selective Morphology of Cesium Iodide Clusters on Graphene,
ACS Nano 14 4626 (2020)

N Talebi,S Guo, A Campos, M Kociak, P A.van Aken,
Toroidal Moments Probed by Electron Beams,
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1461 012174 (2020)

M M Sala,M Salluzzo, M Minola, G M De Luca, G Dellea, V Srot, Y Wang, P A. van Aken, M Le Tacon,B Keimer, C Dallera, L Braicovich, G Ghiringhelli
Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of a Few Nanometer-Thick Superconducting NdBa2Cu3O7 Films,
nanomaterials 10, 817 (2020)

Y Gan, C Wang, X Chen, P Liang, H Wan, X Liu, Q Tan, H Wu, H Rao, H Wang, J Zhang, Y Wang, P A van Aken, H Wang
High conductivity Ni12P5 nanowires as high-rate electrode material for battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices,
Chemical Engineering Journal 392, 123661 (2020)

H Wang, X Jiang, Y Wang, R W Stark, P A van Aken, J Mannhart, H Boschker,
Direct observation of huge flexoelectric polarization around crack tips,
Nano Letters 20, 88 (2020)

C Li, ES Sanli, D Barragan-Yani, H Stange, M Heinemann, D Greiner, W Sigle, R Mainz, K Albe, D Abou-Ras, Peter A. van Aken,
Secondary-Phase-Assisted Grain Boundary Migration in CuInSe2,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 095702 (2020)

Q Tan, X Chen, H Wan, B Zhang, X Liu, L Li, C Wang, Y Gan, P Liang, Y Wang, J Zhang, H Wang, L Miao, J Jiang, P A van Aken, H Wang
Metal–organic framework-derived high conductivity Fe3C with porous carbon on graphene as advanced anode materials for aqueous battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices,
Journal of Power Sources, 448, 227403 (2020)

H Ali, D Negi, T Warnatz, B Hjorvarsson, J Rusz, K Leifer,
Atomic resolution energy-loss magnetic chiral dichroism measurements enabled by patterned apertures,
Physical Review Research 2, 023330 (2020)

J Christopher, M Taleb, A Maity, M Hentschel, H Giessen, N Talebi,
Electron-driven photon sources for correlative electron-photon spectroscopy with electron microscopes,
Nanophotonics 9, 4381-4406 (2020)

D Erfurt, T Koida, M D Heinemann, C Li, T Bertram, J Nishinaga, B Szyszka, H Shibata, R Klenk, R Schlatmann,
Impact of rough substrates on hydrogen-doped indium oxides for the application in CIGS devices,
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 206, 110300 (2020)

M Esmann, A Chimeh, A Korte, J H Zhong, S Stephan, J Witt, G Wittstock, N Talebi, C Lienau,
Plasmonic nanofocusing spectral interferometry,
Nanophotonics 9, 491-508 (2020)

A H Mahadi, L Ye, S M Fairclough, J Qu, S Wu, W Chen, E I Papaioannou, B Ray, T J Pennycook, S J Haigh, N P Young, K Tedsree, I S Metcalfe, S C E Tsang,
Beyond surface redox and oxygen mobility at pd-polar ceria (100) interface: Underlying principle for strong metal-support interactions in green catalysis,
Applied Catalysis B 270, 118843 (2020)

X J Zhao, H Z Wan, P Liang, N Z Wang, C Wang, Y Gan, X Chen, Q Y Tan, X Liu, J Zhang, Y Wang, H B Wang, H Wang,
Favorable anion adsorption/desorption of high rate NiSe2 nano¬sheets/hollow mesoporous carbon for battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices,
Nano Research (2020)

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