Publications 2021

P Ngabonziza, Y Wang, P A. van Aken, J Maier, J Mannhart,
Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy at High‐Temperatures,
Advanced Materials 2007299 (2021)

I.Benabdallah, Y.Auad, W.Sigle, P.A.van Aken, M.Kociak, M.Benaissa,
Electronic properties of black phosphorus using monochromated low-loss EELS,
Materials Science and Engineering: B, 265, 115002 (2021)

P Ngabonziza R Merkle Y Wang P A. van Aken T S. Bjørheim J Maier J Mannhart,
2D Doping of Proton Conductors: BaZrO3‐Based Heterostructures,
Advanced Energy Materials 2003267 (2020)

R Lingstädt, N Talebi, M Hentschel, S Mashhadi, B Gompf, M Burghard, H Giessen, P A. van Aken ,
Interaction of edge exciton polaritons with engineered defects in the hyperbolic material Bi2Se3,
Communications Materials, 2, 5 (2021)

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