Publications 2023

K Elibol, T Susi, C Mangler1, D Eder, J C Meyer, J Kotakoski, R G Hobbs, P A van Aken, B C Bayer,
Linear indium atom chains at graphene edges,
2D Materials and Applications 7:2 (2023)

V Harbola, Y-J Wu, H Wang, S Smink, S C Parks, P A van Aken, J Mannhart,
Self-Assembly of Nanocrystalline Structures from Freestanding Oxide Membranes,
Adv. Mater. 2210989 (2023)

J Zagorac, D Zagorac, V Šrot, M Ranđelović, M Pejić, P A van Aken, B Matović, C Schön,
Synthesis, Characterization, and Electronic Properties of ZnO/ZnS Core/Shell Nanostructures Investigated Using a Multidisciplinary Approach,
Materials 16(1), 326 (2023)

Y Huang, R Merkle, D Zhou, W Sigle, P A van Aken, J Maier,
Effect of Ni on electrical properties of Ba(Zr,Ce,Y)O3-δ as electrolyte for protonic ceramic fuel cells,
Solid State Ionics 390, 116113 (2023)

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