Seminars 2009

DateTimeRoomGuestInstitute Title4. Dez. 0914:007 D 2Raymond FresardCRISTMAT, Caen, France Novel Spin-Orbital Polarons in Cubic Vanadates26. Nov. 0911:007 D 2Janani ChanderIndian Institute of Technology, Madras, India RG flow of the self-energy in the 2D Hubbard-model18. Nov. 0914:007 D 2Krzysztof WohlfeldIFW Dresden Coulomb interaction, ripples, and the minimal conductivity of graphene11. Nov. 0911:007 D 2Timo HyartUniverstiy of Oulu, Finnland Self-masking of a Pomeranchuk instability in layered materials4. Nov. 0911:002 D 8Tony WrightUniversity of Wollongong, Australia Resonant magneto-conductance in a quantum nano-mechanical oscillator28. Okt. 0914:007 D 2Levan ChotorlishviliUniversität Augsburg Phase-dynamics in superconducting atomic and molecular point contacts9. Okt. 0914:007 D 2Martin EcksteinETH Zürich, Switzerland Order and Creep in Flux Line Lattices Pinned by Planar Defects5. Okt. 0914:004 D 2Sumio IshiharaTohoku University, Japan Transport in Luttinger Liquids with Impurities: Spin Polarized Current and Effects of Dissipation23. Sep. 0914:007 D 2Ady SternWeizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel Non-equilibrium steady state charge transport in quantum impurities22. Sep. 0910:004 D 2Oskar VafekFlorida State University, Tallahasse, USA Infinite randomness at the superconductor-metal transition2. Sep. 0914:007 D 2Georg SchwieteWeizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel Quantum criticality in 3He bi-layers28. Aug. 0914:007 D 2Ilya EreminMPI für Physik komplexer Systeme und TU Braunschweiz Classification of topological insulators and superconductors5. Aug. 0914:007 D 2Marcin RaczkowskiJagellonian University Krakow, Poland 2D dimer models and connections to strongly correleted electron systems20. Jul. 0915:004 D 2Petr IgoshevUniversity of Ekaterinburg, Russia Hidden symmetries in the nano-world5. Jun. 0914:007 D 2Steven H. SimonOxford University, Great Britain Electron Transport in Molecular Wires Studied by a Quantum Master Equation Approach20. Mai. 0914:007 D 2Stefan KehreinLMU München Topological Pairing of skyrmions and symmetry breaking in SU (N) antiferromagnets22. Apr. 0911:007 D 2Alexei KolezhukRWTH Aachen Weak Interaction Quenches in Quantum Many-Body Systems21. Apr. 0914:007 D 2Lisa MöviusJakobs Universität Bremen Topological Phases of Matter and Why You Should be Interested10. Apr. 0911:004 D 2Andreas SchnyderUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, USA Incommensurate magnetic ordering and phase separation in the 2D Hubbard model: phase diagram construction10. Apr. 0914:007 D 2Fabien TrousseletUniversité Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France Phonons and the coherence scale in the periodic Anderson model8. Apr. 0914:007 D 2Mikhail KiselevICTP Trieste, Italy Multiband Superconductivity in Density Wave Metals3. Apr. 0910:307 D 2Adel BenlargaCEA Saclay, France Persistent current in small superconducting rings26. Feb. 0914:007 D 2Adrian Del MaestroUniversity of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Quasiparticles in the vortex state of d-wave superconductors20. Feb. 0913:004 D 2Dibyendu RoyWeizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel Proposed experimental probes of non-abelian quasi-particles in the QHE18. Feb. 0914:007 D 2Aleksandra PetkovicUniversität zu Köln Instrinsic frustration effect in orbital degenerate system18. Feb. 0914:307 D 2Zoran RistivojevicUniversität zu Köln Dynamical mean-field theory for nonequilibrium5. Feb. 0911:004 D 2Benjamin ObertUniversität Ulm Dynamically induced switching of nagnetization in driven magnetic molecules4. Feb. 0914:007 D 2Gianluca RastelliCNRS Grenoble, France Layering, cutting, stretching, and spin: The highly tunable optical properties of intrinsic graphene based systems3. Feb. 0914:004 D 2Hiroyuki YamaseNat. Intitute for Material Science, Tsukuba, Japan Tunable superlattice amplifiers based on Bloch and cyclotron oscillations of miniband electrons29. Jan. 0910:304 D 2Vladimir JuricicSimon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada The t-J model for Cu2O5 coupled ladders in Sr14-xCaxCu24O4128. Jan. 0911:002 D 8Stefan UebelackerUniversität Würzburg Influence of Random local moments on the Mott Metal-Insulator Transition14. Jan. 0914:007 D 2Krzysztof WohlfeldJagellonian University Krakow, Poland Slave bosons in radial gauge: a bridge between path integral and hamiltonian language
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