Seminars 2019

Date    Guest    Institute    Title
19 Dec 2019 Nikolaj Bittner University of Fribourg, SWITZERLAND Nonequilibrium dynamics in strongly correlated systems
10 Dec 2019 Hiroyuki Yamase National Instiute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, JAPAN Exploring the high-Tc mechanism of iron-based superconductors
21 Nov 2019 Jörg Rottler University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA Heat transport in 1d crystals and 3d glasses: from carbon nanotubes to smart polymers
11 Sept 2019 Siddardh Morampudi Boston University, USA Spectroscopy of spinons in Coulomb quantum spin liquids
1 Aug 2019 Jason Robinson University of Cambridge, UK Magnetic exchange fields in d-wave superconductors: proximity coupling beyond de Gennes
23 Jul 2019 Rolf Versteeg Universität zu Köln Optically probed order and dynamics in the chiral cluster magnet Cu2OSeO3
10 Jul 2019 Wei Chen University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Universality classes of topological phase transitions
4 Jul 2019 Mikahil Malakhov Ruhr Universität Bochum Spin and charge susceptibilities and theory of the hight-harmonic superconducting gap dispersion in cuprates in the regime of strong electron correlations
27 Mar 2019 Laura Classen Brookhaven National
Laboratory, Upton, USA
Ladder-like physics in the spin-fermion model
13 Feb 2019 Ching-Kai Chiu Academy of Science,
Peking, China
Majorana vortex latice with disorder
6 Feb 2019 Takuto Kawakami Kyoto University,
Kyoto, Japan
Spin 3/2 topological phases in antiperovskite mateials
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