Seminars 2021


December 2, 2021
Thomas Ayral, Atos Quantum Lab, Bezons, France
Unraveling correlated materials' properties with noisy quantum computers: Natural-orbitalized variational quantum eigensolving

November 30, 2021
Henri Menke, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Erlangen
Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces in superconductors with broken time-reversal symmetry

November 18, 2021
Aline Ramires Neves de Oliveira, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villingen, Switzerland
Twisted Superconductivity in the high magnetic field phase of CeRh2As2

October 19, 2021
Debmalya Chakraborty,Uppsala University, Sweden
Interplay of strong correlations, topology, and disorder in high-temperature superconductors

October 14, 2021
Justin Wilson, Louisiana State University, Baton-Rouge, USA
Incommensurability-driven phases, flat bands, and topology in two-dimensional materials

September 23, 2021
Michael Rampp, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Topologically enabled superconductivity

July 1, 2021
Nicholas Sedlmayr, University of Lublin, Poland
Dynamical quantum phase trnsitions in topological insulators

June 24, 2021
Pavel Volkov, Rutgers University, U. S. A
Magic Angles and Topology in Tisted Nodal Superconductors

March 30, 2021
Rafael Haenel, MPI Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Observing the Higgs Quasiparticle: Theory of Nonlinear THz Spectroscopy

March 24, 2021
Roland Willa, Karlsruher Institut für Technology
Sr2RuO4: an inhomogeneous time-reversal symmetry breaking superconductor

March 23, 2021
Matteo Puviani, MPI Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Raman signatures of the Higgs mode in unconventional superconductors

January 21, 2021
Alex Levchenko, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U. S. A.
Mesoscopic, Topolocial, Anomalous Josephson-Effects

January 15, 2021
Yi Lu, University of Heidelberg
Solving Multiorbital Impurity Problems with Tree Tensor Networks

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