Two-Paths Quantum Hall Devices


False colored scanning electron micrograph of a versatile two-path electronic device operated at low temperatures and under high magnetic fields. © MPI-FKF / L. Schulz

Two-paths quantum Hall devices have been discussed in literature in terms of the edge-state picture as electronic interferometers. Our recent experimental investigations on a versatile mesoscopic quantum Hall device with in-situ tunable different combinations of parallel current paths shows in all combinations periodic conductance modulations in the applied magnetic flux. Certain observed features contradict (Aharonov-Bohm) interference as underlying mechanism, but are naturally explained in our microscopic picture of the quantum Hall effect derived from scanning probe experiments.



Parallel Arrangements of Quantum Dots and Quantum Point Contacts in High Magnetic Fields: Periodic Conductance Modulations with Magnetic Flux Change
Leonhard Schulz, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (2014)

Annual Reports

Magnetic flux periodic conductance modulations in mesoscopic two-paths quantum Hall devices
L. Schulz, J. Weis, K. v. Klitzing (2014)

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