Hall Sensors for Scanning Probe Applications


Hall sensor on a tip. © MPI-FKF / K. Riegel, A. Gauß


A Hall sensor tip, based on a (Al,Ga)As heterostructure, has been developed for use in a scanning probe microscope operated below 1 Kelvin.




Fabrication and Evaluation of Small Magnetic Field Sensors for Cryogenic Applications
Andreas Gauß, Master Thesis, Universität Stuttgart (2014)

Fabrication and Characterization of (AlGa)As Heterostructures for Hall Sensor Application
Bamidele Oluwagbenga Onipede, Master Thesis, Universität Stuttgart (2016)

Hall Sensor for Scanning Probe Microscope to Investigate Quantum Hall Samples Below 1 Kelvin
Konstantin Riegel, Masterarbeit, Universität Stuttgart (2018)

Hall Sensor Based on a Two-Dimensional Electron System in an (Al,Ga)As Heterostructure: Separating Hall and Electric Field Effect
Sarah Woldt, Masterarbeit, Universität Stuttgart (2022)


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