Scanning Probe Microscope operated below 0.1 Kelvin


Image of the scanning probe microscope. © MPI-FKF / M. Kühn, M. Mausser

In the last years, we have developed a scanning probe microscope operated in a 3He-4He dilution refrigerator below 0.1 Kelvin which uses single-electron transistors on a 1D tip array as locally probing electrometers. Hall potential profiles in the integer but also fractional quantum Hall regime have been measured.


Aufbau eines Milli-Kelvin-Rastersondenmikroskops mit Einzelelektronentransistoren als Sonden
Marcel Mausser, Diplomarbeit, Universität Stuttgart (2012)

Scanning Single-Electron Transistor Array Microscope to Probe a Two-Dimensional Electron System under Quantum Hall Conditions below 40 milli-Kelvin
Marcel D. Mausser, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (2017)

Renewing a Scanning Probe Microscope Set Up for Operation below 1 K and Simulating the Hall Potential Distributions of Inhomogeneous Quantum Hall Samples
Maximilian Kühn, Masterarbeit, Universität Stuttgart (2018)

A Scanning Single-Electron Transistor Array Microscope Probes the Hall Potential Profile in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime
Andreas W. Gauß, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (2019)

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