Magneto-Transport Measurements on Quantum Hall Samples: Confirming the Microscopic Picture


Tuning the edge- and bulk-dominated quantum Hall regime in a multiple-gated (Al,Ga)As Hall bar (shown is the longitudinal resistance as a function of applied magnetic field and a gate voltage, locally tuning the electron density so that a certain electrically compressible/incompressible landscape within the two-dimensional electron system is preserved over wide ranges of magnetic field). © MPI-FKF / R. Savytskyy

In recent years we have done conventional magneto-transport measurements on various Hall bar samples demonstrating fingerprints of the edge- and bulk-dominated quantum Hall regime, confirming our microscopic picture which is based on dissipationless current flow in incompressible regions of the two-dimensional electron system.



P. Haremski, M. Mausser, A. Gauß, K. von Klitzing, J. Weis
Physical Review B 102, 205306 (2020)



Electrical Breakdown of the Quantum Hall Effect: Influence of Hall bar Width and Potential probing Contacts on the Edge- and the Bulk-dominated regime
Patricia Haremski, Master Thesis, Universität Stuttgart (2015)

Quantum Hall samples: Tuning the edge-dominated regime by gate electrodes
Rostyslav Savytskyy, Master Thesis, Universität Stuttgart (2017)

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