Hall Potential and Current Distribution in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime


Evolution of the Hall potential drop (= current density distribution, Hall field distribution) versus magnetic field, measured at 50 milliKelvin over the cross section of a quantum Hall sample in the ν=2/3 quantum Hall plateau. © MPI-FKF / A. Gauß

Recently, by using a scanning single-electron transistor microscope, we have measured the evolution of the Hall potential distribution versus magnetic field for several fractional quantum Hall regimes at temperature below 50 milliKelvin. Consistent with our previous results in the integer quantum Hall regime, in all cases we observe the same behavior, allowing us to extend our microscopic picture of the integer quantum Hall effect to the fractional quantum Hall effect.


A Scanning Single-Electron Transistor Array Microscope Probes the Hall Potential Profile in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime
Andreas W. Gauß, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (2019)

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