Publications with Key Contributions from the Nanostructuring Lab


Icons representing important techniques available in the Nanostructuring Lab.
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With January 1st 2011, the cleanroom facility – previously a facility of the von Klitzing department – became part of the newly established Scientific Facility Nanostructuring Lab (NSL). Under class-10 cleanroom conditions with stable room humidity and temperature, samples can be processed by students of the Institute or in service by the cleanroom staff using photolithography, dry and wet etching, and material deposition under vacuum. For the fabrication of structures down to 10 nm – on small but also large area, electron beam lithography systems using electron beam acceleration voltages up to 100 kV are available. A focused ion beam system allows to cut and to sculpture samples under vision of a scanning electron microscope. State-of-the-art scanning electron microscopes are offered as characterization tools. The infrastructure is intended to be used in parallel by many students on their own, is dedicated to deal with different materials avoiding cross-contamination, and especially to handle small sample sizes (typical 5 mm by 5 mm), but also wafers up to 4 inches.

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