Publications with Key Contributions from the Nanostructuring Lab


Icons representing important techniques available in the Nanostructuring Lab.
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With January 1st 2011, the cleanroom facility – previously a facility of the von Klitzing department – became part of the newly established Scientific Facility Nanostructuring Lab (NSL). Under class-10 cleanroom conditions with stable room humidity and temperature, samples can be processed by students of the Institute or in service by the cleanroom staff using photolithography, dry and wet etching, and material deposition under vacuum. For the fabrication of structures down to 10 nm – on small but also large area, electron beam lithography systems using electron beam acceleration voltages up to 100 kV are available. A focused ion beam system allows to cut and to sculpture samples under vision of a scanning electron microscope. State-of-the-art scanning electron microscopes are offered as characterization tools. The infrastructure is intended to be used in parallel by many students on their own, is dedicated to deal with different materials avoiding cross-contamination, and especially to handle small sample sizes (typical 5 mm by 5 mm), but also wafers up to 4 inches.
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Nanoscale flexible organic thin-film transistors
U. Zschieschang, U. Waizmann, J. Weis, J. W. Borchert, H. Klauk
Sci. Adv. 8, eabm9845 (2022)

Optimizing the plasma oxidation of aluminum gate electrodes for ultrathin gate oxides in organic transistors
M. Geiger, M. Hagel, T. Reindl, J. Weis, R. T. Weitz, H. Solodenko, G. Schmitz, U. Zschieschang, H. Klauk, R. Acharya
Scientific Reports 11, 6382 (2021)

Insight into the synthesis and tuning of uncoated, core-shell structured Lithium Nickel Phosphate
L. Raafat, F. Thorimbert, A. M. Diem, B. Fenk, J. Bill, Z. Burghard
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9, 17923 (2021)

Scalable Production of Solid-Immersion Lenses for Quantum Emitters in Silicon Carbide
F. Sardi, T. Kornher, M. Widmann, R. Kolesov, F. Schiller, T. Reindl, M. Hagel, J. Wrachtrup
Applied Physics Letters 117, 022105 (2020)

Roadmap to Gigahertz Organic Transistors
U. Zschieschang, J. W. Borchert, M. Giorgio, M. Caironi, F. Letzkus, J. N. Burghartz, U. Waizmann, J. Weis, S. Ludwigs, H. Klauk
Adv. Funct. Mater. 30, 1903812 (2020)

Effect of the Degree of the Gate-Dielectric Surface Roughness on the Performance of Bottom-Gate Organic Thin-Film Transistors
M. Geiger, R. Acharya, E. Reutter, T. Ferschke, U. Zschieschang, J. Weis, J. Pflaum, H. Klauk, R. T. Weitz
Adv. Mater. Interfaces 7, 1902145 (2020)

Microchannels with Self-Pumping Walls
T. Yu,  A. G. Athanassiadis, M. N. Popescu, V. Chikkadi, A. Güth, D. P. Singh, T. Qiu, P. Fischer
ACS Nano 14, 13673 (2020)

Thermoelectricity in Quantum Hall Corbino Structures
M. Real, D. Gresta, Ch. Reichl, J. Weis, A. Tonina, P. Giudici, L. Arrachea, W. Wegscheider, W. Dietsche
Physical Review Applied 14, 034019 (2020)

Binder-Free V2O5 Cathode for High Energy Density Rechargeable Aluminum-Ion Batteries
A.M. Diem, B. Fenk, J. Bill, Z. Burghard
Nanomaterials 10, 247 (2020)

Characterization of a Photon-Number Resolving SNSPD Using Poissonian and Sub-Poissonian Light
E. Schmidt, E. Reutter, M. Schwartz, H. Vural, K. Ilin, M. Jetter, P. Michler, M. Siegel
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 29, 2201305 (2019)

Microwave-induced Capacitance Resonances and Anomalous Magnetoresistance in Double Quantum Wells
J. M. Meyer, J. Scharnetzky, M. Berl, W. Wegscheider, M. Hauser, W. Dietsche, K. C. Wang, G. Klimeck, L. Tiemann, R. H. Blick
Journal of Applied Physics 125, 235707 (2019)

Mueller matrix metrology for measuring the critical dimensions of nanostructures
I. Voloshenko, B. Gompf, A. Berrier, M. Dressel, G. Schnoering, M. Rommel, J. Weis
Applied Physics Letters 115, 063106 (2019)

Quantitative Analysis of the Density of Trap States in Semiconductors by Electrical Transport Measurements on Low-Voltage Field-Effect Transistors
M. Geiger, L. Schwarz, U. Zschieschang, D. Manske, J. Pflaum, J. Weis, H. Klauk, R.T. Weitz
Physical Review Applied 10, 044023 (2018)

Large-area two-dimensional plasmonic meta-glasses and meta-crystals: a comparative study
S. De Zuani, M. Rommel, R. Vogelgesang, J. Weis, B. Gompf, M. Dressel, A. Berrier
Plasmonics 12, 1381-1390 (2017)

Suppressed percolation in nearly closed gold films
S. De Zuani, M. Rommel, B. Gompf, A. Berrier, J. Weis, M. Dressel
ACS Photonics 3, 1109-1115 (2016)

High-Order Hilbert Curves: Fractal Structures with Isotropic, Tailorable Optical Properties
S. De Zuani, T. Reindl, M. Rommel, B. Gompf, A. Berrier, M. Dressel
ACS Photonics 2, 1719-1724 (2015)

Investigating hybridization schemes of coupled split-ring resonators by electron impacts
Q. Liang, Y. Wen, X. Mu, T. Reindl, W. Yu, N. Talebi, P. A. van Aken
Optics Express 16, 20721-20731 (2015)

Phase evolution in single-crystalline LiFePO4 followed by in situ scanning X-ray microscopy of a micrometer-sized battery
N. Ohmer, B. Fenk, D. Samuelis, C. Chen, J. Maier, M. Weigand, E. Goehring, G. Schütz
Nature Communications 6, 6045 (2015)

Electron Spin Polarization by Isospin Ordering in Correlated Two-Layer Quantum Hall Systems
L. Tiemann, W. Wegscheider, M. Hauser
Physical Review Letters 114, 176804 (2015)

Monolithically Integrated Circuits from Functional Oxides
R. Jany, C.Richter, C. Woltmann, G. Pfanzelt, B. Foerg, M. Rommel, T. Reindl, U. Waizmann, J. Weis,
J.A. Mundy, D.A. Muller, H. Boschker, J. Mannhart
Advanced Materials Interfaces 1, 1300031 (2014)      

Shape control in wafer-based aperiodic 3D nanostructures
H.-H. Jeong, A.G. Mark, J.G. Gibbs, T. Reindl, U. Waizmann, J. Weis, P. Fischer
Nanotechnology 25, 235302 (2014)

3D nanofabrication on complex seed shapes using glancing angle deposition
H.-H. Jeong, A.G. Mark, J.G. Gibbs, T. Reindl, U. Waizmann, J. Weis, P. Fischer
2014 IEEE 27th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) 20397, 437 (2014)

High-Performance ZnO Nanowire Transistors with Aluminum Top-Gate Electrodes and Naturally Formed Hybrid Self-Assembled Monolayer/AlOx Gate Dielectric
D. Kälblein, H. Ryu, F. Ante, B. Fenk, K. Hahn, K. Kern, H. Klauk
ACS Nano 8, 6840 (2014)

Eleven Nanometer Aligment Precision of a Plasmonic Nanoantenna with a Self-Assembed GaAs Quantum Dot
M. Pfeiffer, K. Lindfors, H. Zhang, B. Fenk, F. Phillipp, P. Atkinson, A. Rastelli, O.G. Schmidt, H. Giessen, M. Lippitz
Nano Letters  14, 197 (2014)

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