Quantum Dot with Three Leads: Single-Electron Transistor with Current Gain


Switching on electrical transport between source and drain by discharging the quantum dot to a third lead. © MPI-FKF / A. Welker

A third lead attached to a quantum dot can be used differently: Weakly coupled to the quantum dot, it can be used as a probe for the effective spectral function present on the quantum dot in case of a Kondo correlated state. On the other side, if single-electron tunneling from source to drain is suppressed, the quantum dot can be discharged by a single electron to the third (base) lead. We observe that under circumstances – triggered by this single discharging event – several single-electron tunneling events from source to drain become possible.


Single-electron current gain in a quantum dot with three leads
Armin C Welker and Jürgen Weis, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53, 105105 (2020)


A Quantum Dot with Three Leads: Tunnel Spectroscopy in the KONDO and the FANO Regime;
a Single-Electron-Transistor with Current Gain
Armin Welker, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (2007)

Annual Reports

Current gain in a quantum dot with three leads (pdf)
J. Weis, A. Welker, K. von Klitzing (2006)

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