Single-Electron Transistor Probes Two-Dimensional Electron System in the Quantum Hall Regime


Landau level depopulation with increasing magnetic field in a two-dimensional electron system, measured by a single-electron transistor acting as local electrometer. © MPI-FKF / Y.Y. Wei

Metallic single-electron transistors (SETs) have been used as sensitive local electrometers to monitor electrostatic potential variations inside quantum Hall samples at temperatures below 0.1 Kelvin. Probing the bulk of the two-dimensional electron system (2DES), the chemical potential variations of the 2DES versus magnetic field were directly measured.

The depopulation of Landau levels with increasing magnetic field is directly visible. By the SET as local probe we see that, sweeping the applied magnetic field into the regime of a quantum Hall plateau, bulk and edge region of the 2DES are strongly driven out of equilibrium even at smallest sweep rates. Stopping the sweep inside the quantum Hall regime, the equilibration of bulk and edge may even last hours. To probe the depletion region of the 2DES, a gate electrode was used to redefine the 2DES edge close to the SET by electrostatic depletion. Compressible and incompressible regions have been visualized.


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Single-electron transistor probes two-dimensional electron system (pdf)
J. Weis, Y.Y. Weis, K. v. Klitzing, K. Eberl (1997)

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