Quantum Hall Samples: Role of Contacts


Top-view scanning electron microscope image of alloyed Au/Ge/Ni metal contact to two-dimensional electron system in an (Al,Ga)As heterostructure. © MPI-FKF / O. Göktas

The quantum Hall effect is measured by probing voltage drops between metal contacts attached to the two-dimensional charge carrier system. Indeed, the properties of these ohmic contacts play a significant role what Hall resistance value is measured.

We have developed a recipe which allows to contact two-dimensional electron systems in (Al,Ga)As heterostructures reliable by alloying Au, Ge and Ni. Striking is the dependence of the contact resistance on the orientation of the borderline between 2DES and alloyed metal relatively to the underlying crystal directions. Detailed scanning force microscope investigations on various Hall bar configurations showed that different partial electrostatic depletion of the 2DES in front of metal contacts affects the possible Hall potential and therefore current distribution inside the 2DES.


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